Puppy Record

Your Banksia Park Puppy Record Page   This is about your Banksia Park Puppy and where your puppy came from. We hope you enjoy it and we wish you a wonderful life with your Banksia Park Puppy. Name: Birth Date: Mum: Dad: Litter: Microchip: Welcome to Banksia Park Puppies We are extremely proud of our […]

Gumnuts School Holiday Program

“The best day ever!” What a wonderful day again with the Gumnuts school holiday program. It is so fantastic having the children out and they absolutely love it with the last comments being ‘this is the best day ever!’. This is the second time the school holiday program has attended and it is an amazing […]

Happy Mother’s Day to our future mums

Our future Banksia Park Puppies mums!   Where did the mum of your puppy grow up? What interaction did she have with our socialisation and play staff? Where did she play? When she was 10 weeks old where was she? These are all questions which we go through on a customer tour of Banksia Park Puppies, so this […]

Puppy Prices!

  We receive lots of questions about our puppy prices and how we set them. Prices for puppies around the world seem to be in hot debate with some people wondering at what owners are willing to pay for the joy a puppy brings to their family, while others understanding that the care that is […]

newborn banksia park puppies

When will my puppy grow up?

What does my Banksia Park Puppy learn when? When will my puppy grow up? Why does it seem like they are going backwards in their training and not listening? Why is my puppy growing at things they’ve seen a million times before? These are all questions that we are commonly asked by our Banksia Park […]