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  1. Thanks for lovely photos of Tobasco.Is he pure poodle? He looks paler coated than my first photo where he looked quite gold.Interested as Phoebe is very gold almost ruby with pale highlights,she is gorgeous and so so affectionate to dogs and people so I guess her parents are beautiful temperaments too xx

    • Thanks Julie! Yes he is pure poodle. Your question on the colour is a great one! The first photo (with Jo from Pines Puppies) shows Tobasco as a very young poodle, around 12 months old.

      The rich colour of red poodles (as with lots of dogs) will fade over time to a paler coloured coat. This also happens red, ruby and chocolate cavoodles and spoodles, and therefore is a common trait in our Banksia Park Puppies.

      Thank you for the question, and we love hearing that our puppies have such great temperaments!

  2. Hi is Tabasco a toy or miniture poodle, and how tall is he?


    • Hi Sheree,

      We don’t classify our dogs generally into mini or toy, but Tobasco is 30cm and 5kg at our last measurement 🙂 We hope that helps!

      Kirstin Hams
      Banksia Park Puppies

  3. Hey Kirstin,thought I’d say hullo and let you know how Phoebe is getting on. She’s now 2years and 2months old and as per your comments,she is much lighter in colour and is a beautiful sandy colour.She remains the gorgeous and spectacular puppy love of my life. Will post some photos soon xx Julie

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