Our mascot at Pines Pups

Our Agent – Pines Pups – have a new mascot! Little Sophie is Kate’s new addition (one of the valued staff).

She comes to the shop with Kate and all of the staff and customers just adore her. She started training in the shop with a collar and lead behind the counter. Then she found a cute little hidey hole away from the busy feet of Pines Pups staff. She goes there to have a break, or sometimes just for a little doggy nap during the day. Kate even bought a little mat for her so its nice and comfy, and it’s now known as ‘Sophie’s spot’.

She is an excellent treat tester in the shop (lucky dog!) and her favourite is her treat ball. She also recently got a new monkey toy which she adores, but also loves just rolling around in shredded paper!

It shows how different surfaces and materials are loved by puppies to test and learn in. This is why at Banksia Park Puppies we ensure that our puppies have different surfaces and toys to play with – from balls, to hay, to bottles filled with interesting things for them to roll around. The older pups also have hanging toys to grab at and concrete tunnels to run through as well as grass and sand to dig in.

Sophie is so lucky to test out the comfy beds and picks whichever is her liking. What a life for little Sophie!

If you have any questions on which beds dogs like the best or which toys they adore – just ask Sophie!


Pines Pups