Adopting a Banksia Park Retired Dog

Have a look at our dogs ready for rehoming! 

At Banksia Park Puppies we have alot of questions from the public on how they can have one of our retired dogs. We know that sometimes people want an older dog and one which has grown out of the ‘puppy’ stage.

We currently rehome all of our dogs directly through us and to help us and you through this process, we have this form for you to fill out. It helps us look at your home and life circumstances, and match the right dog to you and your lifestyle.

Re-homing a dog is a very important decision.Our dogs at Banksia Park Puppies have played with and been around people their whole lives, even though this is the case, older dogs (out of the puppy stage) have often grown into their ways already, and you may need to work with them a little i.e. they may still dig in your garden, and not like vacuum cleaners – things that a puppy would have grown up with. Please make sure that you are ready financially and emotionally before having a dog or puppy join your life.

We ask anyone who is considering re-homing one of our retired mums or dads to fill out the below form. This will help us match you with the right dog for you and your lifestyle.

NOTE: the most common dogs we have available for adoption are King Charles Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniels. Less common are Golden Retrievers. We have a very very small number of oodle crosses up for adoption – we mostly breed first cross puppies and so have purebred parents. Any oodle crosses we do have for second generation puppies are snapped up extremely quickly, so please keep this in mind when considering which dog will suit you.

The fee for adopting one of our older dogs is $500, this covers the desexing of the dog. It is also though, very important to us to ensure that our customers have thought about the responsibility that comes with having a dog join their family (whether this is a puppy or an older dog it is equally important).The new family also feels more committed to the dog if they have paid for it, which is extremely important for any family looking to have a pet join their family. This fee, along with our process, helps to ensure that the dog’s new family has thought about their new addition and is therefore ready to take on this new commitment.

The process for adopting our dogs is:


Filling out the form below


Have a look at the dogs ready to retire now here. There may not be dogs there to be rehomed.


If we think you are suitable for a dog you will be contacted by us at any stage with the details for the dog you have been matched with.


You come to Banksia Park and meet the dogs you have reserved or any others if available. This will allow you to see if you have a bond with the dog. If the dog you are looking at is desexed you can take the dog home, otherwise you need to wait until the dog is desexed and healthy to go home with you, or alternatively we will send her home with you with a booking time at Boronia Veterinary Clinic (paid for by us) for her to be desexed at a time that best suits you.


Note: We apologise for anyone who is unable to visit Banksia Park Puppies personally. We simply will not send our dogs to new families if they have not met them here first to see if a bond develops, and to meet them first in their own environment. This is very important for the relationship of the animal with their new owner. We do not rehome to anyone in a state other than Victoria for this reason.

Adoption Form

8 thoughts on “Adopting a Banksia Park Retired Dog

  1. I would love to give an older dog a loving family home and share in the next stage of their life, and after watching the Banksia Park video am confident they would be a happy and well socialised member of our family .


  2. We are the proud new parents of 5 year old snozzi.
    She has settled in well and is very healthy according to our vet and groomer.
    Snozzi loves her new bed and all the smells of her big back yard.
    She is enrolled in a socialisation walk every sunday morning to hang out with new friends.
    Snozzi is so loving and loves scratches.
    Thanks to Banksia Park for a beautiful addition to our family.
    Cant wait to adopt a friend for Snozzi one day.
    Trish and Len

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi I have just filled out the adoption form I really love the look of Ooshka the groodle I hope we have the opportunity of bringing her into our home as a beloved member of our family !


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