Hot Dogs!

Don’t risk leaving your dog in a hot car…


With Australian Summer temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius…vehicle interiors can easily double that!

We’ve all been for a drive and realised we need to ‘quickly duck into the shop to buy a few things’ or run an errand.

But what happens when your paw-pal is along for the ride?

Sadly, dog fatalities in hot cars are an all too common tragedy!

RSPCA NSW received almost 300 reports of animals with potential heat stress last summer, and almost 80 complaints were of pets locked in cars.

Recently in the news, a careless dog walker left a lady’s dog locked in a hot car, only to have the body found by the owner and a passer-by.

Another recent incident in NSW required Police to smash the windows of a locked car parked in an underground carpark to free a distressed and overheated dog!

These concerning incidents demonstrate how easily dogs can be affected by the heat and especially within a hot, confined space such as a vehicle!

According to Melbourne’s Metropolitan Ambulance Service, it only takes 10 MINUTES for your car to more than double from 20 degrees to 44 degrees Celsius, on a 29-degree day! Taking a further 10 minutes to reach a sweltering 60.2 degrees!!

Even with the windows down and parked in the shade, a vehicle can still be uncomfortably hot.

The RSPCA Victoria recommends that animals left on the back of utility vehicles can be just as at risk of heatstroke and must be supplied with “adequate shade, shelter and water.”

If you find an unattended or suffering dog or animal in a vehicle on a hot day it should be reported to Victoria Police on 000 immediately (other state legislation may vary).

What should you do? :

  • If your dog is supervised by a passenger in the vehicle ensure that the air-conditioning is running and that the dog has access to water.
  • Depending on the destination, take your dog with you so you can monitor it and ensure it is hydrated and cool.
  • If you can’t supervise your dog, it is much safer to leave it at home where it has access to shade and water. A quick trip to the shops with your paw-pal in the car isn’t worth risking its health!
  • Cool your dog down with water from a hose or putting it in a bath or container of cool but not cold water. Give it access to plenty of drinking water and keep it in the shade or in an air-conditioned environment.
  • If you suspect your dog has heatstroke seek immediate Veterinary attention!


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You can also email us or visit our blog Keeping Cool this Summer!

Here is the very spunky Tobasco! *Just as a disclaimer, we modelled Tobasco during the cooler months of Winter and he was in the car for no more than 5 minutes with the passenger door left open! He is such a pawsome model. 🙂

Keeping Cool this Summer!

How to prevent your paw-pal from overheating…


 Dogs don’t sweat like us but instead pant with their tongue out to cool down. If the air temperature around them is hotter than their body temperature panting won’t help and they can quickly overheat, suffer heatstroke or potentially worse!
Here are some tips to keep your puppy or dog cool and signs to look out for if you suspect your puppy or dog is suffering from the heat…


Keeping Cool:

  • Always provide easy access to drinking water. Fill up the water bowl regularly so it is full, cool and fresh and or use a bigger container or bucket. Supply more than one water source in case of spillage.
  • Some dogs love ice blocks to crunch on as a cool and healthy treat.
  • Another cool and sweet treat is watermelon. (Seedless and remove rind.)
  • Ensure your backyard has shade such as trees, a veranda or shade sail etc.
  • Allow your pooch inside into an air-conditioned or fan-cooled environment.
  • Set up a sprinkler or a hose, which is always a fun way to spend a Summer’s day.
  • Provide your puppy or dog with a small bathing pool or a bucket of water so they can splash in and cool down their bodies when they require. (Keep it shallow for puppies who may not know how to swim yet).
  • It would seem like common sense but worth mentioning anyway, if it is a hot day remove any doggy outfits, costumes and accessories (other than a collar).
  • Ensure long and thick coated dogs have a ‘Summer’ clip to them cool.
  • Minimise exercise and active play time (utilise the cooler early mornings or late evenings to walk your dog).
  • DON’T leave your dog in a car alone, especially on a hot day! Even if the car is parked in the shade with the windows down, it can still be uncomfortably hot and humidity can also be stifling!


Heatstroke Symptoms:

  • Excessive panting (more than usual)
  • Rapid heart-rate
  • Increased body temperature (above 39 degrees Celsius)
  • Increased drooling and or thick saliva
  • Reduced or no appetite for food.
  • Little to no urine
  • Bright red tongue
  • Bright red or pale gums
  • Weakness/lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea


What to do:

If you suspect Heatstroke:

  • Seek immediate veterinary attention! Heatstroke can potentially cause unseen problems, such as swelling of the brain, organ failure and or clotting of the blood. On the way to the veterinarian, travel with the windows open in the car and or with the air conditioner on and in the meantime follow the tips below.


If you suspect your puppy/dog has overheated:

  • Put your dog in the bath, tub or small pool of cool but not cold water.
  • Run a cool but not cold shower over your dog, especially over the back of the head and neck.
  • Cool down your dog with a garden hose set on a light shower or sprinkler setting.
  • Apply a cold pack to the back of your dog’s head to help lower its body temperature.
  • Allow your dog to drink as much cool water as it wants.
  • Provide an air-conditioned or fan-cooled environment.
  • If your dog’s condition isn’t improving seek Veterinary assistance immediately!


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Puppy Scams

Protect yourself and stay informed…

With the festive and holiday season coming up families like to make the most of the wonderful weather and time-off work and make the commitment to purchase a puppy.

However, there are a few ‘sellers’ who put a dampener on future puppy owners’ hopes by partaking in Puppy Scams!

In both 2016 and 2015 emails and newspaper ads have been placed particularly around this time of year claiming to be selling our Banksia Park Puppies. Unknowing customers transfer money to the bogus ‘seller’ thinking they’re getting a good deal, but when they dont recieve their puppy they soon realise they have been scammed.

To ensure you are guaranteed in getting a Banksia Park puppy, visit our store in Doncaster East or our website. Our website only advertises our puppies and contains the necessary information and puppy details you need to ensure you are buying ethically and that a real puppy exists!

We do not want the public to be scammed, or to be unknowingly supporting unethical breeding. Make sure that you do your research!

Look back, behind and all around!


The following points will help ensure that you are not scammed and that you are supporting ethical breeding:

  1. MICROCHIP – Ask for the microchip number of the puppy. Anyone who is scamming you will not have a microchip number to provide. In Victoria, you need to microchip all puppies before sale, and all of our puppies are microchipped. (if you are provided with a ‘microchip’ number that you are not sure about, email us the number and we can double check it on our database.)
  2. PRICE – We take fantastic care of our Mums and Dads: we have a professional groomer on site, weekly visits from a Veterinarian, and 30 staff members employed including staff just for socialising the puppies and parents. When you go to our retail pick up point we have staff experienced in helping you pick the right dog for you and you may spend hours with them talking you through how to care for your puppy. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the puppy you pick is right for you, and when it gets home, you can help it fit into your family and your lifestyle. If you find someone is selling you something and the price seems too good to be true – it probably is – either there is no puppy, or it is being bred unethically.
  3. TOURS – Make sure that you can tour the place that the puppy came from and see the entire property – at Banksia Park Puppies we offer full tours of our 220 acre property if any potential buyer wishes to see our park.
  4. SEE THE PROPERTY – Some breeders will meet you in a ‘meeting area’ with Mum and Dad. Make sure you see where they live too, if you don’t see their live-in areas, you don’t know the conditions that the parent dogs are living in.

For more tips on buying ethically see our website.



  • If you want to be guaranteed that you are getting a Banksia Park Puppy, only buy from Pines Puppies.
  • If you are in doubt and someone is telling you something different – contact us! We will help you with the best way forward, and in the right circumstances will report them to the relevant authorities.
  • Do your research and ask questions, not only will this stop you from being scammed, it will mean you are supporting only ethical breeders.
  • The rule of thumb with scams – if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Gumnuts School Holiday Program

“The best day ever!”

What a wonderful day again with the Gumnuts school holiday program. It is so fantastic having the children out and they absolutely love it with the last comments being ‘this is the best day ever!’.

This is the second time the school holiday program has attended and it is an amazing experience for both the children and the dogs and puppies. The children have a fantastic day looking at all our facilities and learning about the development of the dogs and puppies and why socialisation is really important. They spend time in the Early Socialisation Pen, the surface training area, the youth agility park, and also through our nurseries. They see the live in yards as well as the playgrounds. The puppies absolutely love the day and it is great for their development to see so many children over a 2 hour period. They are picked up and held and a few we saw even having massages! The dogs thrived in the attention and it is great to give them different experiences like this as it broadens their brains from a young age making them more confident dogs for their entire lives.

The Gumnuts kids we must say always behave INCREDIBLY well and are a credit to their carers and parents for how they listen to instructions, information, and are keen to learn. They always treat the dogs and puppies with respect and care, and it’s a great thing to see in children.

Our dogs and puppies were presented with a big box of 301 doggie biscuits cooked specially by some of the older girls including things like peanut butter and bacon which we all know are loved by the dogs. The dogs all gobbled up the biccies within a couple of days and we loved the presentation by the older girls.

Here are some lovely photos of the day!

Block the cap on breeding dogs

Cavoodles, Spoodles and Groodles could soon be unattainable at $10,000 each

The Victorian Government will soon put a Bill to Parliament which will include a cap on breeding dogs for professional breeders. The drop in supply from this cap will lead to huge price increases in prices for family-friendly puppies such as cavoodles, spoodles and groodles. This will leave many Victorian families without the option of a family friendly, ethically bred, puppy.

Breeding will move underground with unscrupulous people supplying a black market where dogs are bred unethically in horrible conditions, and customers left with no health guarantees.

We need your help to tell your Upper House MPs that you want them to block this cap.

Banksia Park PuppiesBlocking the cap

The cap will mean that the supply of ethically bred puppies will drop and prices will increase up to $10,000 for a puppy. This will make puppies such as cavoodles, spoodles and groodles unattainable for the average Victorian. The price increase will drive dogs into horrible conditions by unscrupulous people who will breed them to gain the price increases.

What you can do

Help us stop dogs being bred in horrible conditions! You need to tell your Upper House MP NOW that you don’t want this to happen! Ask them to not support this cap for professional breeders who breed ethically, openly, and transparently.

Find your local Upper House MP HERE

  1. Type in your suburb or postcode and search
  2. Click the RED/PINK colour result for your upper house MP details (or contact us on and we will do it for you)
  3. Email them and explain why you don’t want an upper cap for professional, ethical breeders. This will be bad for animal welfare and bad for Victorian Families.



Do you place being family friendly above ‘cuteness’?

A survey of puppy buyers has found just that; that people want dogs which will be family friendly, low shedding and suited to their lifestyle, while ‘cuteness’ is of least importance to them.
Banksia Park Puppies is one of Australia’s largest dog breeders and has been breeding dogs for more than 50 years. Banksia Park is situated on a 220 acre property near Sale in Gippsland where the climate and local environment is ideally suited to dog breeding.

More than 1700 Banksia Park customers were surveyed over the past 18 months on their preferences when making a puppy purchase.
Highlights from the survey results included:

  • 90 per cent of people surveyed said their decision was primarily based on the puppy being family friendly, followed by low shedding and whether the dog would suit their lifestyle. ‘Cuteness’ was the lowest rated factor, and it did not feature at all in 37 per cent of responses.
  • 81 per cent of those surveyed knew exactly the type of dog they wanted prior to purchase, with only two per cent undecided;
  • 65 per cent of customers did their research online, with breeder websites the most popular information source;
  • 51 per cent of Banksia Park customers visited an animal shelter when looking for their puppy. However, they didn’t get a rescue dog due to the breed they wanted not being available or concerns about the temperament and suitability of the dogs available.

Matt Hams, the owner of Banksia Park Puppies, said the survey results highlighted the amount of thought and effort that many people put into making a puppy purchase.

‘People really care about the kind of the puppy they are getting and its background, including its health and temperament,’ Mr Hams said.

‘For families in particular, choosing the right type of puppy is essential to make sure it is suitable for their lifestyle and home environment.

‘We put a lot of care and attention into the health and socialisation of our puppies to help their transition into a family environment, for the benefit of the dog and its owners,’ Mr Hams said.

The survey also found puppy buyers placed a high priority on getting the type of dog they wanted, followed by a health guarantee. Purchasers also wanted to get their puppy from a reputable and experienced breeder, including those who were full-time breeders. For three-quarters of those surveyed, price was their lowest priority.

Mr Hams said the survey highlighted the important role of professional breeders in meeting the demand from customers for healthy, happy and well-socialised puppies that become much loved and valued members of Australian households.


Media Contact:

Kirstin Hams


Banksia Park Accessories

These accessories have a pattern which is unique to Banksia Park Puppies. Why? So that if we see a dog out and about with one of these products then we will be able to stop and say hi! Also so that if you see another dog in the dog park with one of these accessories you know you can walk over and introduce yourself and see who the parents are and if you have a sibling or even a cousin.

Here are some of our gorgeous dogs in the new accessories. See here for information on purchasing.