Puppy Information Centre

We operate all our pick ups, handovers with families, and any information appointments from our Puppy Information Centre in Chirnside Park! Established in 2018 to supersede our pick-up location in Pines Pets, Doncaster; our puppy and family-friendly Puppy Information Center has proven to be an intimate and secure handover solution for our families and our puppies.

Our Information Centre is strictly involved in only the consultation and support process, as well as the handing over of our puppies to their new families. Puppies are not kept or homed at the Information Centre but instead safely delivered to the puppy-friendly facility via a climatised van and only on designated ‘Meet & Greet’ pick-up days. Unfortunately for families who want to visit their puppy prior to purchase; there are never any ‘available’ puppies at our Puppy Information Centre, the puppies there are already sold and ready to be picked up by their new families on the same day they arrive at the Centre.

This means that ‘Meet and Greet’ pick-up times are by appointment only and held on the designated pick-up days. If for some reason a puppy owner does not want to follow through with the pick-up of their chosen puppy at their Meet and Greet time, then that puppy will be transported back to our Banksia Park Puppies breeding property in Stradbroke, Victoria, or our Riverina breeding property in NSW.

You may be wondering why do we have puppy pick-ups at our Information Centre instead of our breeding property. At our breeding properties we prefer to focus on looking after our parent dogs and breeding and looking after our puppies. We do however offer tours at our breeding properties. If you would like to make the drive out to Gippsland Vic, or Riverina NSW we offer set days and times which fit in with the cleaning, socialisising, feeding etc schedules.

If we were to introduce all our pick-ups directly from our properties we feel that our time and energy would be spread between both tasks. We believe that is best for the health of our dogs that we focus our attention and resources on raising them and producing the best puppies in Australia. That is why we have a wonderful team in Melbourne to focus on the area of consulting. They are very experienced at what they do and can focus on delivering the exceptional customer service that we know you deserve. It is also convenient that our consulting team are located in Melbourne. This means that most customers can easily visit our Puppy Information Centre to talk to our team and pick-up their puppy. It is also close to the Melbourne airport making it efficient for the team to safely fly our puppies to Interstate families.

When you contact our Information Centre via phone 1300 255 277 or email you’ll be in contact with one of our friendly Puppy Consultants. The team has many years of experience consulting our customers before, during and after the puppy purchasing process. They have invaluable knowledge when it comes to all of our puppy breeds and they know how to help you choose your pawfect puppy!

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