Little Moments

Australian Families choose us for their #BPPLittleMoments


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This is why Australian Families choose us for their #BPPLittleMoments:


 The best Health Guarantees in Australia

Independent DNA testing

24/7 support

access to unique Banksia Park Puppies Forums





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You become a part of a larger family who are ready to help, offer advice or share in your happiness.

Choose Banksia Park Puppies – the breeder who lets you Live the Little Moments


In our fast moving world we know we need to:

  • not miss our kids grow
  • get them outside
  • climb trees
  • lower screen time
  • cook every meal
  • eat organic
  • have a proper work-life balance
  • do meditation
  • do yoga
  • breathe fresh air
  • watch sunrises
  • watch less
  • do more
  • but do less

It’s any wonder we have no time to slow down – we have so much to do!

The best way to slow down is to be with your pawfect friend. Dogs bring real benefits to mind, spirit and body; according to Psychology Today dogs improve your mood, make you feel loved, lower your stress, help you be social as well as keep you healthy and fit.

We at Banksia Park Puppies know they do so much more than that. They help you slow down. The moments you experience with your Banksia Park Puppy bring peace and love. The Little Moments which turn out to be not so ‘little’. The moments in this video brought tears to my eyes; these moments of joy, wonder, happiness… it was a privilege to be allowed to witness them.


To our Banksia Park Puppies families – we want to see more of your Little Moments. Share them with us on Instagram with #BPPLittleMoments or on our Facebook Page.

Choosing a Banksia Park Puppy means you can focus on the Little Moments with less worry.


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