Ready to retire!

Banksia Park Puppies Dogs ready to rehome

Thank you for your interest in our retired mums and dads.

We do have a mailing list for our rehoming dogs which sits at over 150 people.

To rehome one of our dogs the steps are:

1.Fill in our adoption form

2. Add yourself to our mailing list to look at the new dogs when they first are available for adoption.

3. Wait to get an email directed to the mailing list. There is a significant wait on our dogs so make sure you put your name down early enough to account for the wait.

4. Contact us immediately after you receive a mailing list email. The dogs will be reserved for meeting in order of who has emailed us first.

5. You come to Banksia Park and meet the dog/s you have reserved. This will allow you to see if you have a bond with the dog.

We apologise for anyone who is unable to visit Banksia Park Puppies personally. We simply will not send our dogs to new families if they have not met them here first to see if a bond develops and to meet them first in their own environment. This is very important for the relationship of the animal with their new owner.


Please note:

Until you lock in a date to visit us and a dog that you wish to visit we will continue attempting to rehome our dogs with other families. Our dogs do have a lot of interest in them, and unfortunately, to avoid disappointment you must make a time to visit us and reserve mum before we can take her off our list of dogs ready to retire.

Ready to retire

If there are no dogs here ready to retire we suggest that you join our mailing list to learn about any new mums or dads who are ready for rehoming.


Fusspot is as her name suggests and is quite fussy! She did go to one home and didn’t like the boisterous 18-month spoodle who lived there. We suggest that Fusspot goes to a home without another dog and without children. She is independent and a little bossy!


Smuggly is full of energy and is a playful dog! He is much too playful with kids and has been returned from a house with children. He would suit a home where there are no kids present now, or future plans for them. He is lovely and enjoys a good run as you can see from the photos!


8 thoughts on “Ready to retire!

  1. Hi to you. I have just spoken to Steve from Pines Pets. I have a very sad pugalier x pomeranian who has just lost his best friend due to illness and old age. We are a very pet friendly family who love our pets and look after them well. They are walked twice daily and are given healthy Nature Dog food. I would love to come and look at your retired pets. Of interest are Sorrel, Marci, Mitzy, Monty or Rachel. I know it depends on how they and Frankie, my dog click. I look forward to hearing from you. We are ready to adopt when you are!


  2. Hello Kristin and Matt,

    We first made contact on 7 and 14 December 2015 and still waiting for a little friend for Steffie. She is a little schnauzer, 6 yrs and adopted from a breeder. She has a beautiful temperment, loving and calm, loves interacting with all dogs and has blossomed into a perfect pet. In the past we have always had poodles and ask what breed little Avalon and Avis are and how long before they will be ready for rehoming.
    We are looking for female, 5 – 7 years, non or low shedding and would be happy to consider breeds which
    fit this criteria.
    .We look forward to hearing from you – Sincerely Fay & Millo Voves


  3. Hi,
    I was just wanting some more information about Taylee please. How old is she? How is she with children? What is the cost to adopt her?


  4. I work parttime. I live at Rawson. It is five minutes walk into the bish along bush tracks. I have a large backyard which has been the home to a very large labrador x in the past. Sadly we lost Buddy to an accident when he was 13 years young. I have had experien e with Spaniels in the past.


  5. I work parttime. We lost our beloved dog 18 months ago.We are now ready to consider an older dog to love.We ha e a large backyard and we are 10 Rawson. minutes from walks along bushroads. Wze would like the opportunity to belong to one of your retirees


    • Hi Debbie, if you would like to fill in our adoption form and then go on our mailing list we will send you updates on the dogs which we have available for rehoming 🙂


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