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Our retired dogs living the pampered pooch life…


You may be curious as to where or beautiful dogs go when they have retired from Banksia Park Puppies! All our mum and dads are currently only rehomed with us. There is an admin and waiting process before a meet-and-greet can be arranged, but once a family or dog owner has successfully bonded with their suitable dog it is well worth it! We receive updates via email and social media from many happy adoptive families. We love knowing that our dogs are living the pampered pooch life and the joy they bring to their new owners. Here are just some of the many testimonials and photos shared by our Adoptive Families.

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After a very long drive which she slept most of the way we got home and introduced Diva and Wahinda. We’ve been for a walk with no issues she seems to be taking everything in her stride.

The two girls have had a good play this morning and we couldn’t be happier.

I’ve attached a photo for you.

Thank you for such a beautiful gentle girl!!!

Kind regards

Andrea, Tony, Sophie and Diva


Just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful girl. We’ve renamed her Ruby. She has settled as a house dog very happily. Her tail has not stopped wagging and she shadows Tony and I wherever we go. Has picked her spot on the couch and that’s where she chose to sleep last night – all night til we got up at 7.00. She’s a very quick learner and we have already started command training her using liver treats. Windows were an interesting learning both because of her reflection and discovering they are not open! Thank you again Kirby for your wise choice for us. She’s perfect!

We LOVE her


Thought you might like to see an update on retired mum Lucky. The lovely Lucky is still loving life at Langdale Orchards with Marj. She continues to get more and more confident. See photo attached.


She is going really well. After one day she managed to work the doggie door. She is still slightly timid, however she is getting more comfortable everyday.

She loves it when I put her in bed with me.

We did discover she had never heard a siren before. One came on the tv, and she went nuts. She now raises her ears if she hears one but doesn’t bark.

This is a picture of Petunia (Madi) hanging around with some new friends.


Snozzi & Fin



Hi, Just a quick note about Amilia’s progress.

Our first week with Amilia has had lots of ups and downs but she has come a really long way in just a week. She has been eating well since the first day and continues to be more confident at eating when we are near by, she seems to be a little obsessed with me as I spend the most time with her but that’s ok. Just in the last couple of days she has been excited and bouncing around when I go out to her in the morning, it doesn’t last long as I think she starts to play then gets confused at feeling happy here! 😆

She started to follow me inside today then after about five steps freaked out and ran outside again, don’t think she realised what she was doing. 😂

Amilia is still unsure about our kids as I’m sure it’s just that they are noisy but I will be getting them to feed her more often which should help. She has two to three small walks a day and as long as there isn’t any kids around on scooters she is fine and knows where home is by running down the driveway when we return.

This first pic was taken yesterday when she didn’t know I was watching her and she was very content playing with one of her many new toys. She almost knows how to sit on command and knows where her bed is as when she is barking a bit I tell her to get in there and after she settles she gets a few pellets for her good behaviour. She is very smart and food motivated so teaching her should be easy.

It’s funny how different she is when you don’t give her attention as she seems very relaxed and slowly getting use to all the new noises and has only had one altercation with the old cat! Unfortunately we lost our beautiful old dog last week, I was hoping she would hang around a bit longer to teach Amilia a few things but it wasn’t the case. So now being the only dog here she is going really well with new progress and confidence everyday.

What was going to be a quick note turned out to be an essay! Lots to share as she has a beautiful character and loves bringing me her toys even though I’m not sure she knows what to do with them sometimes. 😂




(Now named Coco)

Just another quick video for you of Coco settling into her new life.. she is off the lead and picking up training with ease, she sits and comes when her new name is called.. she has such a beautiful nature… We love her!!  her coat is growing back just in time for winter .. she so fluffy right now ❤

Thank you



Hi Kirstin,

So lovely to meet you and your husband today.

Just want to let you know Kara has settled in perfect so far. Our other dog loves her, the cat also sat next to her for a cuddle.

She has eaten dinner and even had enough courage to follow Ben inside and jumped on the couch for a cuddle.

Even though it’s the first night she feels like part of the family already.

Thank you so much.

We are all so in love with Kara and she has settled in well.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to have been able to adopt such a beautiful girl.

She sleeps with our other dog and his behaviour since she has arrived has calmed so much and he no longer frets for us. They play, eat, sleep together and then she spends her afternoons and evenings snuggled with us on the couch.

Thank you again for the opportunity and I can not recommend you enough.

Warmest regards,



Just thought I’d give you guys an update on Rosemary.

She was really quiet and reserved last night and didn’t eat drink or wee but wanted lots of cuddles from me. This morning, however, she’s been drinking, eating and toileting no worries and has settled in quite well with our pugalier who she’s chosen to just ignore when he’s at her to play.

She’s so full of cuddles and licks and is lapping up all the attention 🙂



Looks like Wanetta and Sully are getting along just fine now!

She’s settled in really well, she’s already taken over the couch.

Thank you again for letting me adopt her, she’s going to be a very spoilt girl