Grooming your cavoodle, spoodle or mini-groodle

Getting your cavoodle, spoodle or min-groodles groomed for the first time can be daunting!

Do you want long hair on top? How should the eyes be groomed? Do you want it short, middle or still long?

And the biggest question – What will he look like after he is groomed!?Β 

Here are some pictures of some of recently groomed Banksia Park Puppies. This should help give you ideas for your first groom and what you want your newly groomed cavoodle or spoodle to look like! If you would like your dog to feature here, just use the #banksiaparkpuppiesgrooming on instagram or tag us in your grooming photo!

Banksia Park Puppies Cavoodles–gPKWkQiv/?taken-by=the_coffee_boss

Banksia Park Puppies Spoodles