Choosing an Ethical Dog Breeder

Dog breeding has been in the media yet again with an article on The Age website.

The horrible conditions which some dogs are kept in to breed has come under the limelight in recent years, and none more-so than this year, 2014. The Code of Practice for Rearing and Breeding Establishments for dogs and cats has been revised this year, with the latest code being released in April 2014. This new code has made the laws for dog breeding much tougher. This latest article above relates to the new laws, and online and backyard sales which illegal breeders undertake. Some breeders cannot or will not comply with these new laws and are not at the same standard as Banksia Park Puppies. Some breeders keep their dogs and puppies in inhumane conditions.

This is a good reminder to check who you are buying your cute puppy from. Ask questions. Make sure that you are buying from a legal, ethical breeder.

Our Banksia Park Puppies website has some great tips for choosing a breeder, but as a quick guide:

  • Avoid ‘backyard breeders’, who sell online and then ask you to meet somewhere to pick up the puppy. You should be meeting them at a registered business or the breeder themselves.
  • Ask if you can tour the breeder’s property and meet the parents of the puppy.
  • Can you see where the pups are born?
  • Are the pups and mums in clean conditions?
  • Do the dogs have yards where they can run, play and dig?
  • Do the dogs at the breeder’s property have socialisation and handling programs?

At Banksia Park Puppies we:

  • Are a legal, registered business, who comply with the current Code of Practice.
  • Allow tours for potential buyers where you can see our nurseries, live-in yards, and meet the parents of your puppy. If you are interested in this, simply ask the staff at Pines Pups when you are discussing your puppy.
  • Will never ask to meet you on the side of the road or in a carpark to collect your puppy. You will have all interactions with our retail outlet Pines Pups, who only sell Banksia Park Puppies. This sets Pines Pets apart from other pet stores.
  • Have clean, sanitary conditions for all puppies and dogs on our property (see Photos page and also gallery below, and regular tours of our property confirm this).
  • Have large live-in yards for all our dogs and puppies. When the mums are in pup, or the puppies are little, they are in the specialised nurseries so that we can take care of them. These nurseries have heaters and heated floors for the younger pups and are essential in us taking correct care of our mums and pups.
  • Have special staff whose sole job is to play with puppies, pat them, teach them to lead, and spend time with them. This is in addition to the every day handing of all our full time and casual staff at Banksia Park Puppies. We also have puppy playgrounds for our younger pups to further enhance their playtime.




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