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Banksia Park Puppies this year

Banksia Park Puppies had a great day on Saturday at the Australian Association of Dog Breeders (AAPDB) Annual General Meeting (AGM). It was a long drive to Albury for the meeting, but it was a good chance to reflect on the past year. Dog breeding in the last year has been in the media and has had a lot of focus. The Victorian State Government has changed legislation in the form of the Code of Practice for dog breeding changing.

Much of Victoria, including us here at Banksia Park Puppies, welcome these changes to the Code of Practice. We love to see these changes to the industry which will stamp out people who are treating their dogs badly. We support the shutting down of all places who have their dogs in inhumane conditions, or in places where their emotional and psychological needs are not being met.

We at Banksia Park Puppies are a part of all of the Industry Associations, including the AAPDB, Pets Australia, and the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA). This means that we comply and in most cases go above all aspects of the Code of Practice, are veterinarian approved, and have extensive rehoming policies.

What is our rehoming policy? It means that at Banksia Park Puppies we will always help you re-home your puppy should your circumstances change and you not be able to care for your Banksia Park Puppy. We know that our puppies are loved by their owners but also know that sometimes things happen; divorce, financial situations, a death even. We don’t want your loved members of your family to be without a home and so will help you find a new home for your puppy if any of this happens.

At Banksia Park Puppies our mission is to join families and people with a new member of the family: their new puppy. We are committed to these dogs, and they will always be a part of us at Banksia Park Puppies whether they are a cute young puppy, or an older, darling dog. So send us photos and stories of your Banksia Park Puppies. Talk to us on Facebook, Instagram (@BanksiaParkPuppies), Twitter (@BanksiaParkPups).

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