What is Banksia Park Puppies really like?

Have you read about Banksia Park Puppies on the Internet? Wondering if the animal extremist views are correct?

We allow Banksia Park Puppies potential customers – through Pines Pets in Melbourne – to tour our property and to see for yourself. At these tours you can see every part of our property, and can ask any questions you desire to ensure that we are the ethical breeder that we claim to be.

We understand that it is a 6-8 hour round trip from Melbourne, and a big day for our customers, so we have some more options.

If you cant make it down to Gippsland, Victoria to tour our property yourself, you can:

Browse through our Reviews

Customers who have purchased our puppies often write reviews and send us photos of their puppies. Have a read through from the eyes of customers what our place is like, and if they are happy with their puppy. Some samples of reviews are:

“…the facilities for the dogs, and especially for the nursing mothers, could not have been more ethical”

“…cannot understand how there can be such a difference between what we saw in person and what is on the Internet”

“I am amazed that people like Matt can be so viciously and unjustly attacked with no recourse to the truth”

“…our little puppy is happy and gorgeous, and was so well socialised when we picked her up from you, thanks to your care and the beautiful mothering she had at Matt’s farm”

“It is truly refreshing to find a knowledgeable and conscientious breeder.”

“I would be more than happy to recommend Banksia Park to friends, families and others”

Talk to the staff at Pines Pets

All of the staff have been down to Banksia Park Puppies so that they can inform you first hand what conditions our dogs and puppies live in.

Have a look at our Photos section

We have plenty of photos in our gallery and are uploading new photos regularly to ensure that they are always up to date. These photos show all aspects of our property, and if you want to see more photos of something just ask!

Connect with us on Social Media

We are open and honest, and as such, enjoy talking to our customers in every way we can. We have the following social media pages.

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