Response to recent online slander

At Banksia Park Puppies, we would like to address the misguided, slanderous photos and comments placed online, and shared on Facebook.

A Facebook page has uploaded photos without having been shown through our property or contacting us to ensure that the photos and information they have are correct. They are not. Below is our response.

Does Banksia Park Puppies keep our dogs in pens like those shown with the dogs on dirt floors? No.

Do we at Banksia Park Puppies have our mums and pups in specially built, heated rooms while pregnant or with puppies to ensure they are eating, drinking, going to the toilet, and giving birth well? Yes. At Banksia Park Puppies our dogs are kept in our large Live-in yards exceeding our council and Code of Practice requirements. Our mums move into our heated nurseries when they are nearly full-term pregnant or have puppies. This defamatory Facebook page shows a photo of one of our nursery rooms, but has cut the rest of the facility out of the photo. The page also fails to note that this nursery is specially designed, is heated and has heated floors, and is built to ensure the comfort and health of our mums and puppies. The mums do not live in the nurseries, but are moved into their nursery bedrooms when pregnant, so that we can constantly check them to ensure their and their puppies safety and health. The puppies and dogs at Banksia Park Puppies are looked after by a team of full time staff, veterinarians, and other staff who come just to play with the puppies and dogs every day.

Have a look at our Banksia Park Puppies photos section to see the real, up to date, unedited photos. We show all of our facilities on our website – Banksia Park Puppies, and here on our blog we constantly update our photos to ensure that any customer or potential customer has enough information about our property to feel comfortable about their puppy joining their family. We also have a page for customer reviews of Banksia Park Puppies, and customer photos from those who love their dogs.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers are comfortable with their puppy coming from Banksia Park Puppies and Pines Pets, and so also hold tours of our property for customers where we show every aspect of our property. The tours often take upwards of 2 hours so that the customer can be shown every part of our 200 acre parkland and facilities. Our reviews page has reflections from people who have visited our property.

We have a Twitter page (@BanksiaParkPups), a Facebook page, a blog, Instagram (#BanksiaParkPuppies), a website, and many other social media sites now to combat the untrue, defamatory comments which are being placed online about us at Banksia Park Puppies.

We are saddened that the public are being led to believe things which are untrue, and that anyone can put anything up online and it is then stated and believed as ‘true’ or ‘reality’.