An email from Harley

At Banksia Park Puppies we love getting emails from our puppies with their families, and even more from an 18 month old puppy! Gorgeous email from Harley we received today to share with you all. Remember to check out all out other reviews and photos from our Banksia Park Puppies and their families!

Harley Banksia Park Puppy

“My name is Harley I was purchased by my mummy and daddy – Monique Daniel around 18 months ago.

I just wanted to to quickly send you a message [how good am I at typing with my paws] to tell you that I am getting well looked after and that my parents absolutely adore me. They love playing with me taking me to the river when it is hot and of course – they loveeeee giving me treats.

I’m sometimes a bit of a cheeky boy but I think because I am so cute they let me get away with it.

I especially love my morning cuddles as although I am really playful – I am super affectionate and love being cuddled by anyone.

I would love to send you a photo of me all grown up. Thanks again for looking after me as a pup and helping me find my mummy and daddy.

Love Harley”

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