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Heading away over the holidays?

At Banksia Park Puppies (Victoria) the school holidays are here! Some parents are rejoicing and others are cringing thinking it will be a long few weeks and how to entertain their kids.

If you are heading away though you may be wondering what to do with your darling puppy if you cant take him or her with you. There are a few options now apart from ‘asking the neighbours’ or sending them to a boarding kennel. Here are a few options to help you.

Have a great time on your holidays!

Doggy Day Care

Are you going away for a day trip and don’t want your new puppy to be left on its own? Are you going to be away for a long time or working long hours and worry that your puppy isn’t getting the daily stimulation he needs? Doggy day care may be right for you. These organisations look after your puppy during the day for you and you can drop off and pick up morning and night. This often suits owners who love having a dog but cant be at home to feed it 3 meals a day to begin with while they are puppies, or who travel and work long hours and can’t play with their puppy during the day. This means you wont feel guilty about your long hours or how you will get back to look after new puppy; you have someone to help you do it.

Prices range – $42 a day (Melbourne Pet Minders), $55 a day (Dog Zone).

A Home Away from Home

This option gives owners the opportunity for their puppy to go and live in another home while they are away. These companies screen the people who will look after your puppy, and your puppy gets the friendly atmosphere, attention and love that they did at home. This means you and your puppy may feel less stress and you can enjoy your time away on holidays without the worry of how your puppy is doing at home without you there.

This option can be in the range of $40-$60 a night for a professional company depending on the time of year (for example ‘Don’t Fret Pet‘, or you can go through a community page such as ‘Pet Home Stay’ where the pricing depends on the sitter.

Pet and House sitters

Your other option is to hire a Pet and House sitter. These people look after your house as well as your pet/s. They may take your puppy on walks, water your gardens and generally treat your house as if it were theirs and your animals as if they are their own. This gives peace of mind for those owners whose dogs like their own environment, and means that their house is more secure while the owners are away. This option is becoming more and more popular these days, and often means that the house and pet sitters can travel Australia seeing different towns and cities within the comfort of a house.

There are many community sites which offer these services, some of these include ‘Trusted House Sitters‘ and ‘Happy House Sitters‘. Prices range depending on the sitters, some don’t require payment, and others charge fees depending on the size of the house, property, and amount of animals or chores.


NOTE: There is no affiliation or endorsement from any company featured in this post.

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