Why Pines Puppies is not a ‘Pet Shop’

Have you been told not to buy puppies from pet shops? Do you wonder why? The reason is that some pet shops buy from backyard breeders or who have their dogs in inhumane conditions without access to affection, room to run around, and in conditions which do not meet their emotional or mental needs. You would be supporting some unethical breeders through buying your puppy through these outlets.

Pines Puppies is different – they ONLY sell Banksia Park Puppies.

Pines Puppies ONLY sells Banksia Park Puppies. They know that their puppies have come from an ethical breeder who meets the needs of their dogs in every way. Pines Puppies is not a ‘pet store’ but an outlet for Banksia Park Puppies.

Pines Puppies have full disclosure where their puppies came from.

If you go into a pet shop looking for a puppy, some people will not tell you where the puppies have come from, they may be scared of telling you who and where they came from. Pines Puppies have full confidence in telling you where they came from, as every single puppy came from us at Banksia Park Puppies.

Yes, you can visit Banksia Park Puppies!

Have you been told not to buy from a pet shop, as you need to see where mum and dad live? If you are worried about this and want to make sure that our extensive photo gallery tells the full story – have a look at our reviews from people who have been here, or come and visit and see for yourself! We offer tours through Pines Puppies for anyone who would like to see Banksia Park Puppies for themselves.

Why does Banksia Park Puppies sell through Pines Puppies?

This is a question we are often asked. If we breed all our dogs at Banksia Park Puppies, why would we sell them through a store? It is actually very simple. We want to make sure that you as customers get the best service and pick the right dog, and also that our dogs and puppies are looked after in every way here at Banksia Park.

At Banksia Park Puppies we put all of our effort into breeding the best possible puppies, ensuring everyone at Banksia Park has daily love and attention, and the mums have care taken of them at the critical stages. We also play with, pat, feed, groom and generally take care of all our mums and dads who don’t currently have puppies. This takes alot of time.

It is a big decision when someone is considering a puppy to join their family. The puppy will be in their lives for many years, and will become part of their family. This family will need help to ensure the puppy they pick is of the right nature to suit their lifestyle, and will perfectly suit them for their entire lifetime. This is the case whether this be a family in the suburbs, or a couple in an apartment.

We want you as customers to have the best possible service in picking the right puppy for your individual circumstances, and we also don’t want our puppies to miss out on any love or care from us. To ensure this happens, we sell through Pines Puppies in Doncaster (East Melbourne), who only sell Banksia Park Puppies. Pines Puppies have over 20 years of experience in joining families with their perfect dog. The location of Pines Puppies is best suited for most of our customers (rather than a 6 hour round trip to Banksia Park), and they are open 7 days to fit in with any lifestyle. We are extremely proud to be partners with this business; they have the highest possible customer service.

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