Have you seen our Banksia Park big dogs?

Wow I’ve had some fun today. You need energy to play with our big dogs; I would like to introduce you to Penny (our Groodle), Elanora and Lorna (our Labs) and Opee (our Retriever). Some of the breeds which have bigger mums or dads that Banksia Park Puppies specialises in are Cavadors and Mini-Groodles (our website shows you more of the breeds we specialise in i.e. Cavoodles, Spoodles).

I went up for a play with them and thought I’d show you all these gorgeous mums and dads in our big yards. These yards are built especially for our big dogs, and are very large so these dogs with energy have heaps of room to run around. They also have a friend in their yard so that they have someone to chase and dig (and swim!) with.

As well as having huge live in yards, all of our yards are also built with a common exercise area for them to run in either close by or right next to their yard. You’ll see in our gallery the huge exercise area that these dogs have – its hard to see as it includes so much bush for them to run through and explore!

They have big blue water ‘bowls’ that stand out in the photos. These are huge, and are cleaned and re-filled with water every day. Why are they so big? First of all these dogs are big! They may tip over a small bowl or try to jump in it, and we want to make sure that they always have a big supply there especially over the warmer months. Secondly, they love to jump in it! You can see from the gallery that these dogs just adore jumping into the water (hence how I got so muddy as then they jump all over me!). These water bowls are probably different to the ones that you have in your backyards, but they are just perfect for our big dogs.

The exercise areas are pointed out in the captions. The rest of these photos are what our big dogs live in. They are not confined to small areas, they have big yards to run and dig and chase.

We show you all of the areas that our dogs live in, our birthing nurseries are purpose built for their specific need, the same way that our live in areas are purpose built for the dogs; these big yards for these big dogs!