So much exercise today!

This morning we spent having a good play with the young dogs. In a previous post about our big dogs, I mentioned that we have common exercise areas for all of the dogs near their yards. This enables us to bring them out and give them a good run around which we do every day. We exercise them with their friend from their pen, or we bring out another few dogs for them to have a run around with someone new.

They run up and down the huge yard, stopping with me for a pat and a cuddle every now and then, and then off again running and chasing. We had a good run with quite a few this morning, so I thought I’d take some photos of them having a ball in this gorgeous weather!

You’ll notice some of our poodles look different at this time of year too – they get groomed about now, and always look a little funny! Anyone with a ‘oodle’ dog will know what we mean! We always keep their coats to a high standard as you can tell from our photos.

We hope you had a great day out with your dogs today too!