Two Banksia Park Puppy friends

The two Banksia Park Puppy siblings!

At Banksia Park Puppies we simply love hearing stories like this one.

We have alot of people asking us for photos of their puppy’s parents – we love this and wholeheartedly encourage it (fill in our parents form if you want to see the parents of your puppy)! We especially like to hear that kids in the family have been asking and want to see who mum and dad are and where they are from. It’s great education for them.

So recently we had a great story come into us when a customer (Katie) asked to see photos of mum and dad. Their puppy (Molly) joined their family in 2012. She did see a photo of mum then, but wanted to see more and learn a bit more about her, and where her Molly spent the first part of her life.

After a conversation with Katie we found out that Molly has a sibling (Bella) that she hangs out with! They didn’t see each other for a while after leaving us, but after settling in with their new families, they met up, and apparently instinctively knew each other on first sight! They then went on to puppy school and dog training together, and have regular hang-out sessions!

Apparently they get along amazingly, always looking for each other in the sessions… and when they leave each other they get sad! What a great friendship. It’s so wonderful to hear that our puppies have such great families to spend their lives with, and some who even get to hang out with their siblings. We love hearing these types of stories, and that “Molly has been an absolute gem in the family and if she could would not leave my side (is so loyal!)”.