Banksia Park Puppies Oopsy's pups

Oopsy’s Groodles

Banksia Park Puppies Groodles

We had Oopsy’s 6 week old Groodle puppies down for a play in our front yard today. Can you believe she had 11 Groodles… ELEVEN!

She has been a fantastic mum. With that many puppies we have to carefully monitor her. So for the first few hours we actually separate the puppies into two groups so that we can make sure that they all have enough room to feed properly, and mum adjusts well to having so many puppies feeding from her. If we had all eleven puppies on poor Oopsy at once it would be really hard to make sure that they all were feeding and growing well. So around the clock we separate them and swap them over, during the day and during the night. In winter this also means keeping the puppies warm when they aren’t all snuggled up next to mum. So having eleven puppies in one litter is alot of work for us as well as Oopsy! She has done such a fantastic job though and was super happy to have them by her side when she had a run in our yard today.

Here are some photos of her with her very big and lovely litter!

And some more photos of the fun we had with her and her eleven groodle puppies.

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