Animal Studies Tour

The annual Animal Studies Tour of Banksia Park Puppies 

As part of our community engagement program, last week we had the annual Animal Studies tour group through Banksia Park Puppies. This tour has been occurring for about the past 4 years and is a great way to show our local animal loving community what we do at Banksia Park Puppies and why.

This year the students were put in charge of a puppy for their entire tour. They carry and play with it throughout the day and along with this being great for the puppy’s socialisation, it is also a lot of fun for the students!

Matt took them on a tour through every part of our property – the same type of tour that we give our customers when they visit us. Each section of a puppy’s life and where the parents live and why is explained in detail. The students are shown the socialisation and enrichment areas, playgrounds, the sleeping and playing areas, the live-in yards, and through all of the nurseries. We explain to them in detail why we use hay, cardboard boxes, and how the nurseries in particular must be cleaned out every day in order to achieve the highest sanitary levels for our puppies and mums. It is really important for animal studies groups to see these sorts of things in the real world not just in theory. We also explain the importance of socialisation and enrichment, and how it is this that sets our dogs up to be confident, happy dogs who are then also able to assimilate into new environments when they are rehomed at 4-5 years old.

This tour is a lesson on both animal care as well on social media and the internet in general – that you cannot believe everything you see on the internet, and that you should see it for yourself before making a judgement. We have about 3 customer tours a week and are very proud to showcase our property to local students, our community, and to our customers.


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  1. Wow, what a great initiative Banksia Park!! This is exactly what is needed to educate people on best practice, especially in this field. Well done guys. 👍

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