Happy Mothers Day to our foster mums

Our amazing foster mums

Happy Mother's Day Week! (3)

Did you know that at Banksia Park Puppies sometimes we foster our puppies to another mum? It is very interesting!

Sometimes a mum at Banksia Park Puppies will have 11 or more puppies, and most of the time they have enough milk for these puppies and raise them all themselves (shout out to Larna!) but other times maybe mum doesn’t have enough milk to feed all her puppies. Other times a mum only has one puppy and sometimes that can unsettle her as she is looking for all her other puppies – so in these circumstances (and some other ones) we have foster mums!

What does a foster mum do? She looks after the puppies as if they’re her own. It doesn’t matter the size or breed of the dog, if we give her the puppies at the right time, she will look after them as if they are her own which is an amazing thing to see. Today’s Mother’s Day post is a tribute to all of our foster mums. Recently one of our King Charles Cavalier mums raised her own cavoodles, and 2 groodles from another mum and another groodle from a different mum! A few years ago we also had a litter of kittens here and a mum dog who was searching for her puppies (she had a phantom pregnancy) and so the mum dog actually raised the kittens as her own. This brought her stress levels down and helped raise wonderful kittens. These are amazing stories and we’re very proud that our mums here have such fantastic temperament that they can take on being a foster mum sometimes to help out the Banksia Park Puppies (or kittens!) who may need a little extra milk or care.

Here are some photos of the recent ‘litter’ of groodles and cavoodles.

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