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Wilson’s pawsome start to modelling…


The charismatic Groodle Wilson has become the talk of the park. He has recently shot to fame after starring in a Kmart Australia website photo! Wilson had the fur-abulous gig of posing as a doggy extra in the photo shoot for the ‘Moving’ category on their website, which has been a highlight of his modelling career to date.

Wilson took time out of his busy pupstar schedule to answer our questions…


Congratulations on your successful modelling career Wilson! How long have you been modelling for?

 Thank you! I only have been a model one time for the one Kmart shoot. It was incredibly fun and I hope I get to do it again!


How did your modelling career begin?

 It began when my mum placed me on an animal modelling agency (she always thought I was pretty handsome). My mum got a phone call asking if I was free for the photo shoot. 


What was the audition process to get the Kmart modelling gig?

 There was no real audition process actually, I was just lucky enough to be asked for that photo shoot.


Is there a special routine or ritual you practice before you go on set for good luck or to settle any last minute nerves?

 Not particularly, but I did get a nice bath the night before which was nice and relaxing. On set, I did get the opportunity to meet lots of new people and have a good sniff of the place before we began shooting!


What is it like being a celebrity dog? Do you get extra pampering or dog licks at the park?

 It is awesome! All of my parents’ friends and family are so happy for me. After my photo shoot, I was lucky enough to get a nice steak for a treat. My doggie buddies are very happy to be friends with a celebrity like me! 


Do you see yourself continuing modelling as a career?

 I would love to continue my modelling career. It was so much fun and I got to meet heaps of new people. I also had many treats throughout the day (I think it was to get me to sit and stay but I enjoyed it anyway).


Who would you like to thank for being supportive during your modelling career?

Definitely my mum and dad but especially my mum for driving me to my shoot and giving me lots of treats whilst I was on set!



*Kmart Australia photo and photos of Wilson kindly provided by Wilson’s owner

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