Jett the Cavoodle is 6 months old!

She has had her first groom and boy did she need it!

Her shedding stopped after the groom at 6 months and so we only had 2 months of light shedding while she moved into her adult coat. The change of colour is super interesting to watch. Our Jett actually got a little darker which was interesting – lots of puppies go lighter so its interesting to watch. You can certainly tell when they need their first groom – you can see their adult hair under the puppy hair very clearly and the puppy hair starts matting and is hard to keep under control. So if you think your puppy needs a groom it probably does – trust your gut! If you are taking your puppy to the groomer from early on they will give you advice as well.

Jett is now able to follow orders super well. We continue to use Ian’s ‘Uh-uh’ method and it works super well! She is always in my office while I work and knows she has to stay in her bed now (although she gets FOMO and wants to go outside if there is anything happening out there!). She is well behaved now and a pleasure to take places and have inside or out. She follows commands super easy. 6 months things seem to get a little easier – although she still steals a sock every time she is inside! and shoes… she loves shoes. Having a well trained dog has made having Jett a pleasure. Ian’s training (which we now give away complimentary with all puppies) is amazing and helps you just tweak your training to get a dog who follows your commands and who you just adore being with (along with good breeding of course!).



7 thoughts on “Jett the Cavoodle is 6 months old!

  1. Thank you for your news I did fill in a form a while back for taking care of a mother dog To my acknowledge I have not heard from you re this Could you please let me know if my application was received Many thanks your consideration Sincerely, Wendy

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    • Hi Wendy, you will be contacted if an adult dog comes up for retirement which suits your situation and lifestyle 🙂 Thanks for your interest in our rehoming dogs!

  2. We are interested in adopting a teenager or a little older either male or female, does Jett come into this category?

    • Hi Jennifer, have you filled in our adoption form? We do sometimes have cavoodles who are a little older (6 months or so) so please write in the adoption form that you are interested in a puppy of x age and we can match you with an appropriate dog for you. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I love seeing Jet’s journey! Can you tell us who Jet’s parents are? Thanks

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