Jett is 10 months old!

Wow how has time flown. I can’t believe she is 10 months old now. We are simply utterly in love with her and our kids love her to bits. She is so good with any kid and she shares her love around with everyone she meets!

She does need a good groom every few weeks but we are lucky that our nursery manager Tash is a great groomer and keeps her looking Fab!

She started to push the boundaries a little bit and do some naughty things between 7-9 months old but I am happy to say that she is fabulous at listening to commands now! For example one thing I hate is when you look out a window and see your dog on your garden bed. They look at you through the window just KNOWING that there is a window between you and there isn’t much of a threat to them if they don’t listen to you. Then by the time you get out there they jump off and act perfectly and it’s super hard to tell them off then! So we went through that for about 2 months with Jett but I’m pleased to say that even if she does still jump up from time to time that she will now listen to the command even through it’s through the window!

We took Jett and our other little dog Scatter to the beach the other day. Scatter is a beagle cross pug and while he is just lovely and his temperament is amazing, his recall ability is simply atrocious (beagle owners will understand this one!). Jett could be let off the lead and would come back to hang out or check with us that we were still were she left us and we loved having her on the day with us. If she got lost she didn’t like it and would come back at our call. I know from experience that dogs in my life haven’t done this and it’s just such a great trait when you also have all of the beach stuff and a 5 and 7 year old to drag along… having a dog who wont come back is super duper annoying but having Jett by our side enhanced the day by bucketloads and she simply loved the day out too.

She will run after a ball but wont bring it back (probably our fault this one but she just wont get the hang of it!) but she simply loves the kids old soft toys. She carries one around with her all the time and at the moment it’s an Elsa toy!

I will get some new updated photos and add them when I can – she hasn’t changed much and certainly hasn’t grown much!

I hope you’re loving the updates on what to expect and some of the learning challenges (and fun and love) along the way!



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