Jett is 1 year old!

Our lovely cavoodle Jett is now 1 year old. She has brought us so much joy it’s unbelievable. She will respond immediately to us and our commands, and she is a pleasure to have near us and with us. She doesn’t shed and her coat is gorgeous. As long as we groom her regularly her coat stays lovely. We groom her every 6 weeks or so and just groom her back to a shorter coat. Doing this regularly means that it is much easier to keep her coat from matting up and keeps it healthy. And while she doesn’t like a bath (at all!) she will put up with one and a groom as required.

It’s been great sharing this journey with you all. If you have any questions about her just let me know!


NOTE: Jett is not for sale! She is our family pet 🙂




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