Banksia Park Accessories

Ever wished it was easier to know where everyone’s dog came from? Now you will be able to locate all the Banksia Park Puppies owners without even asking them!

We are very excited to announce our new Banksia Park Puppies Dog Accessories range!

The pattern used in these products is unique to Banksia Park Puppies, and the sale of these products is restricted to Banksia Park Puppies famlies! This means that if you see anyone wearing one of these you can be sure that they are a Banksia Park Puppies Dog owner. It will hopefully make it easier for you to find a cousin or sibling, and we also hope to see them out and about and start introducing ourselves and meeting you!

This is our introductory range (with our introductory prices!), if there are other products you would like to see or other colours please let us know and we will consider adding them to the range in the future.

We can’t wait to see you out and about wearing them!

See here for some of our dogs doing a model shoot in them 😀

How Do I Order?

Orders are currently restricted to online only for our introductory range.

Please use the following form to submit your details. After checking that you have a Banksia Park Puppy we will then send you an invoice with payment details. Upon receipt of payment we will send out your products!

Postage fees

Flat rate of $8 through Australia Post

Banksia Park Leads

Small 5/8″(w) 6ft (l): $9.95

Medium 3/4″(w) 6ft (l): $9.95

Banksia Park Collars

Small 5/8″(w) 11-17″(l): $6.95

Banksia Park Harnesses

Small – Neck: 9.8″, Chest: 12-18″: $9.95

Medium – Neck: 12.5″, Chest: 14-21″: $9.95

Banksia Park Seat Belts

One Size 1″(w) 18-27.5″: $9.95

Banksia Park Sets

The Star Set

For the puppy who wants every opportunity to meet a sibling or cousin or a chance meeting with the breeders!

Inclusions: Lead, Collar, Harness & Seat Belt Price: $29.95

Playful Pink Set:
Barkey Blue Set:

The Meet Me Set

Inclusions: Lead, Harness & Seat Belt Price: $24.95

Playful Pink Set:
Barkey Blue Set:

The Banksia Park Set

Inclusions: Lead, Collar & Seat Belt Price: $22.95

Playful Pink Set:
Barkey Blue Set:

The Basic Harness Set

Inclusions: Lead & Harness Price: $17.95

Playful Pink Set:
Barkey Blue Set:

The Basic Collar Set

Inclusions: Lead & Collar Price: $14.95

Playful Pink Set:
Barkey Blue Set: