Lucky the Kangaroo

On the way to work this morning our Banksia Park Puppies staff found a beautiful little baby kangaroo on the road.We think he is about 16 weeks old. It’s mum was hit by a car and the poor little joey didn’t know what to do. Our staff have now taken the little joey (now named Lucky) into their care to warm him up and are awaiting a visit by the wildlife team to take him and care for him. The staff have put together a fund for his future care and hope that he grows up big and strong in the capable hands of the local wildlife care team.



Banksia Park Puppies Hawks/falcons

Amazing Wildlife Photos

Hawks and Falcons at Banksia Park 

We have some amazing wildlife around here at Banksia Park Puppies. We regularly have Hawks and Falcons flying around (looking to steal our dogs’ food!), so yesterday I took some photos of them. It’s great to see so much wildlife here, Kangaroos, Echidnas, Koalas, birds – we have them all!

Banksia Park Puppies

Fun at the Banksia Park Puppies Agility playground

The Agility playground at Banksia Park Puppies

Here at Banksia Park Puppies we have an agility playground and our dogs just absolutely adore it! Here are some photos of us having some fun yesterday playing with our young dogs.

Meet Taylee (red and white cavoodle), Ayanna (apricot poodle), Snazzi (salt and pepper schnauzer) and Ayasha (chocolate poodle).

They were alot of fun and loved running around together with us! Ash, one of our socialisation staff members is in a few of the photos too. She’s in charge of playing with the dogs and puppies all day! They certainly love her for it!

Banksia Park Puppies Playground

Banksia Park Puppy’s new exercise playground!

We gave you a quick view of our new exercise playground for our mums and dads on Facebook; I got out early today with some of our dogs (before the temperature hits 35 degrees!) and had a great run around with them! They are gorgeous and so much fun. Here is Walida, Taylee, Wanetta and Wanika.


A family of kangaroos and ducks in the park

It was a lovely night last night, and as we were looking out over the park we saw a family of kangaroos move onto the lawn (one with a joey!), then a family of ducks come over. With Taylee and Ayasha our young dogs playing in their yard in the background, it was a wonderful way to top off a beautiful day.