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  1. hello there, chilly is beautiful, wandering if he is a toy or mini pure bred poodle?

  2. We have one of Chilli’s and Mischief’s pups. We called her Buffy and she is the love and light of our family. Thanks for the wonderful job and care Banksia Park has for their dogs. So happy 🙂

  3. Hi ,
    I would like to know if you parent dogs (cavalier and miniature/toy poodle) are Pure Breeds?
    Saying they are, but with no paper merely means they are not. As potentially buyers do we get to see them?
    Also, are parents genetically screened and do you have certificates to prove?
    Do to freight puppies to brisbane (QLD) and for how much?
    Do cavoodle puppy prices range?
    We are looking to buy a cavoodle puppy in the near future and are in the process of finding a reputable breeder.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Tanja,

      Our parents do not have any types of pedigree papers. We do not breed dogs for show we breed them for health and temperament. We track our own lines here to ensure that they are healthy and therefore the puppies are healthy.

      You are more than happy to see the parents and come down here to meet them that is no problem. This can be arranged through Pines Puppies. Our parents are health tested for breed specific diseases such as PRA and yes you are welcome to see the tests that we have one the parents and their health certificates.

      Pines Puppies has all the other information you are requesting – they retail our puppies and do not buy from anyone else other than us.
      I hope this helps!

      Kirstin Hams
      Banksia Park Puppies

  4. HI Kristin,
    Thank you so kindly for your quick response. Having genetic screening proof is reassurance for us. 🙂
    Since we are from brisbane, how is the best possible way to view puppies that come up for sale? Prefer not to fly down. Can they be freighted to brisbane? Or is that something I need to talk to pine rivers about?
    Is it through the website ? Are all cavoodle puppies around $3295? For the parents genetic screen tests do we ring pine rivers for confirmation once we see a pup available and that we like?
    Sorry I am new to this.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Tanja,
      Yes Pines can talk you through the buying process and how best to get puppy to you. There is a waiting list process so you will need to contact them to get all that discussed with you – or I can pass on your gmail email account that is related to this post and they can contact you if you like. All cavoodles are $3295 unless they are stated otherwise – that is uncommon but it does happen.

      Pines can help you with accessing the health records of the parents that you are looking for. It does mean they might contact me to help access the records but they will help you through that process so it’s easy for you and it’s only one party you are dealing with.

      Let me know if you would like me to pass on your details to Pines and they can contact you.

      Kirstin Hams
      Banksia Park Puppies

    • Hi Carolyn, Hami will be having another litter but we are not sure yet who dad will be 🙂 Keep an eye out to see or contact us via email and we can put your interest down for the future.

  5. Hi. Just checking about the message above from Tanya. Are the toy and miniature poodles pure breed and the cavaliers pure breed? Also wondering why you don’t stare if the father is toy or miniature poodles, is this because they are mixed and not pure?

    • Hi Sam, we do not have papers for the dogs and therefore we show photos for the customer to see the mum and dad so that you can see what the parents look like. They are pure breed but we do not guarantee a generational background of certain generations etc as we breed for health and temperament and not to a breed standard. Our guarantees cover how healthy the puppies are not how they look. Miniature vs toy is only based on the size of the parents and all but a few of ours are miniature poodles. Our puppy consultants can inform you when you ask of the exact size of mum or dad poodle which is actually a much better indication of the potential size of your puppy rather than just a mini vs toy label. I hope that helps!

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