Photos of Banksia Park

Photos of Banksia Park Puppies

Below is a gallery of photos of Banksia Park Puppies. We have an amazing  facility which has been toured by media, politicians, and all relevant departments. From the specialised heated nurseries with heated floors, to the puppy playgrounds, to the huge live-in yards and the socialisation areas, we are very proud of the care we provide our dogs and puppies. 

We are currently upgrading our facilities and are very excited to show you our new upgraded facilities in the next few weeks! 


10 thoughts on “Photos of Banksia Park

  1. THANK YOU Banksia Park, we have adopted 2 puppies from you. They are Liam and Angus, both Schnauzers. We love them to bits, they come everywhere with us and enjoy meeting people, playing with other furry babies where-ever we go We live in Bittern and have lots of space to play. We also have furry babies living next door and we love to get together and learn new tricks and have a great time.
    We give you are full support in you campaign and will contact our local member on your and our behalf.
    We must not allow your wonderful Park to be closed or otherwise compromised.
    Please contact us if you need extra support in anyway.
    The Palmer Family

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for that fantastic review of our puppies. Thank you for contacting your local member – we really appreciate you showing your support in this.

      Kirstin Hams
      Banksia Park Puppies

  2. I think it looks absolutely fantastic! I wouldn’t think twice purchasing a puppy from this kennel, I fact I hope we do!

    • Thanks Hayley! We love hearing these sorts of comments. Our staff and us here at Banksia Park work hard to provide a stimulating and healthy place for our parents and puppies and we love hearing how others see it. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hello again Banksia Park. I emailed you and filled in a form asking about adopting a retiring mother. I didn’t get a reply so Rang and spoke to Steve at Pines Pups. He suggested I send another message.

  4. I adopted a gorgeous schnauzer mum, snazzy from you near,y 2 years ago. She is in one of your photos. She has been a delight. No health issues and full of fun. I had a full tour of your facility and it was excellent. Anyone adding one of your puppies to their family won’t regret it as it’s parents will be happy healthy dogs. Thank you again for my little snazzy.

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