Salt + Sand + Sun!

Happy Australia Day…


 We treated some of our future parents with a dinky-di Australia Day down at our local beach! They had a blast playing with the children, lead training, running through the sand and finding interesting morsels. They were also very confident in the water, even though it was their first time at the beach!

 Providing our older puppies with socialisation outings is great for their development. Not only do they learn new and interesting experiences but they grow into happy and confident adult dogs! Positive experiences and human interaction early in their life leads to a well-rounded dog and therefore a happy family!

The featured beach pups in the photos are Kyle and Lettie and we also travelled with Kobie and Lenni.

Have a bonzer time and share with us how you and your paw-pal spent our National Day! 🙂

Scatter beach Banksia Park Puppies

Sand and sun

The weather has been amazing in the last couple of weeks at Banksia Park Puppies! We’ve had some beautiful sun so we took one of our Banksia Park Puppies – Scatter a puggle who LOVES to run, and went down to the beach for a play.

Scatter chased seagulls, fetched cuttlefish (he’d rather chase that than a ball!), and ran into the waves. He had an absolute ball. We love taking our dogs and puppies down there in good weather for something fun for them.

Do you take your dogs to the beach? Do they love it as much as Scatter did?!