Banksia Park Puppies Agility

Our new Agility Park

Playtime at Banksia Park Puppies

We decided that one playground for our puppies wasn’t enough… so we built another!

And our dogs and puppies don’t really enjoy it… not even a little bit… 😉

You may spot a few little humans playing on the equipment too – turns out our kids love it as much (if not more!) than our dogs do!

Have a Banksia Park Puppies break

Introducing KitKat!

This is Kitkat having some exercise time with Sylvie. KitKat is around 3 months old here, having a run and playing in her live-in yard.

Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Puppies – Cavies and Cavoodles

Fun with our Cavie and Cavoodle puppies

We had a good play with some of our puppies we’re keeping here at Banksia Park Puppies. One day they’ll be Banksia Park Dogs! Now they want lots and lots and lots of attention due to being in their critical socialisation period. This is where they do all their learning. So in this time we put loads of effort into training them, playing with them, patting them, and in general teaching them to be around people and kids. Here are some photos of these gorgeous puppies – Cuzzie, Muppet, Muffin, Harlow, Harsha, Harper, Poko and Harlee.

Banksia Park Puppies Nursery

Cute and Cuddly Nurseries

Banksia Park Puppies Nursery Refurbishment

Here at Banksia Park Puppies we have recently done a huge refurbishment on our nurseries. If you came for a tour a few months ago, it will look very different to how it did then! We always want to make sure that our mums and puppies are nice and warm, and looked after as best they can be. Before winter arrived on us, we insulated all our nurseries and put new Canara wood heaters through them all. We always had wood heaters in there for the winter months, but now we have lovely new Canaras which also have fans to make sure the heat spreads throughout the entire nursery. This, along with our heated floors, helps mums who are giving birth or pregnant to be as comfortable as possible, as well as new puppies keep warm and toasty during the cold nights and mornings out here in Gippsland. To make our nurseries look even more interesting for our dogs and growing puppies, we even had an artist come in and paint some murals on the walls!

So while you are all snug and warm in your beds, Matt and Colin take it in turns through the cold winter nights to ensure that the puppies and mums are also snug and warm, the heaters are roaring, and the mums are all healthy during labour.

Here are some photos of our updated nurseries.


Banksia Park Puppies

Puppy and Parents Fun

Beautiful Day at Banksia Park Puppies

What a great day today at Banksia Park Puppies to spend hanging out with our gorgeous puppies and dogs! They all have such different personalities and it’s very cute. Here are some photos which I will also add to our parents pages.

The stars in this blog are Ella, Mazman, Shimmer, Luna, Elle, Stewie, and our young puppies: Chazzie, Chacha, Crunchie, Cosmo, Shazza, Shazzoom and Scout!