Banksia Park Puppies Ravi

Our adorable Banksia Park Puppies!

Meet some of our Banksia Park Puppies

We had heaps of fun playing with these gorgeous puppies today at Banksia Park Puppies. Rovi & Rivi are our ruby cavies, Flash is our chocolate poodle and Ravi is our blenheim puppy who LOVES chasing the balls and bones! And our lovely Golden Retrievers Sharna and Amalia.


Banksia Park Puppies Playground

Banksia Park Puppy’s new exercise playground!

We gave you a quick view of our new exercise playground for our mums and dads on Facebook; I got out early today with some of our dogs (before the temperature hits 35 degrees!) and had a great run around with them! They are gorgeous and so much fun. Here is Walida, Taylee, Wanetta and Wanika.