Slip and Slide fun

Banksia Park Puppies Summer Fun

It was very warm here yesterday at Banksia Park, but we had lots of fun. We had some of our young cavie puppies down playing with us on the slip and slide, and some in particular loved it! We shared one photo on Facebook but we had to share more as it was such a fun time with them.

Who think’s it’s hot at 19 degrees?

Our Banksia Park Puppies mums and dads love a swim!

Here are some great photos of the fun our Banksia Park Puppies parents had in one of our Agility Parks the other day. It’s been so cold here lately that they loved the sun and some even took the opportunity for a quick swim. Featured here are Sami, Oops, Shorty, Luna, Willbee, Ponky, Odette, Jellybean, Jazz, Wally and Swoosh!

Banksia Park Puppies Agility

Our new Agility Park

Playtime at Banksia Park Puppies

We decided that one playground for our puppies wasn’t enough… so we built another!

And our dogs and puppies don’t really enjoy it… not even a little bit… 😉

You may spot a few little humans playing on the equipment too – turns out our kids love it as much (if not more!) than our dogs do!

Banksia Park Puppies Ravi

Our adorable Banksia Park Puppies!

Meet some of our Banksia Park Puppies

We had heaps of fun playing with these gorgeous puppies today at Banksia Park Puppies. Rovi & Rivi are our ruby cavies, Flash is our chocolate poodle and Ravi is our blenheim puppy who LOVES chasing the balls and bones! And our lovely Golden Retrievers Sharna and Amalia.


Banksia Park Puppies Hami

Socialisation time with mum Hami

Banksia Park Puppies Socialisation Time

Our Banksia Park Puppies mum Hami came down for a play with us the other day – look at how adorable she is! She loves balls, I tried to get a video of her but couldn’t get how funny she was. She would pick up a ball then find another and drop the first to pick the next one and that went on for AGES. Super adorable to watch!

Starlet out for a walk

Banksia Park Puppies Starlet

Here is Ash, one of our socialisation staff here at Banksia Park Puppies. She is constantly walking our young dogs on leads and teaching them all sorts of things! Our puppies are super lucky to have people so dedicated to their job such as Ash playing with them every day.