Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Puppy fun

Banksia Park Puppy playing and fun

We’ve been playing with some of our new mums and dads to be and they are simply adorable! Bailey is FULL of character and jumps in the car, Tonka truck, and all the other kids toys which is adorable.


Banksia Park Puppies Bailey and Sylvie

Fun with Bailey and Sylvie

Our Banksia Park Puppies Bailey and Sylvie

We had some fun today playing with our newest members to the Banksia Park Puppies family Bailey and Sylvie. Bailey is our chocolate spoodle, and Sylvie is our Blenheim Cavalier. Sylvie kept just sitting on my knee having a cuddle so wasn’t as keen on posing for photos! They both love playing though and were picking up sticks and having tugs of war. They’re so cute! They are both around ten weeks old.