Reviews of Banksia Park Puppies

At Banksia Park Puppies we get many reviews from happy puppies with their families. Below are some of the many Facebook posts, letters, emails and photos that we have received as reviews showing how people are happy with the service from Banksia Park Puppies.

If you would like to see any more photos, have a look at our ‘customer photos‘ page, where they are all added in a huge gallery for our Banksia Park Puppy family to enjoy!

We also allow potential customers to come and visit us at Banksia Park Puppies to ensure that our standards are as good as we say they are. There are also reviews from people below who have visited us and had a tour, these are italicised. If you have a look at our Facebook page there are also lots of photos and posts from Banksia Park Puppy families.

Review from Cilla

July 2019

Millie, 2 1/2 yrs. Born 29.01.17. Mother Rovi, Father Tobasco.   

Best looking dog in the park, loved by everyone she meets!   An absolute joy!  

Review from Susan

August 2017

We purchased a black female spoodle from you  at the end of April.

We just wanted to let you know what a delight she is and how healthy she has been.

In the past, we have only had registered, pure-bred dogs, 3 of which have died from genetically inherited health problems.  In each case, the breeder did not inform us of the parent’s  health issues until  our own dog was ill.  So our vet  recommended a spoodle…

Penelope, our Banksia Park Spoodle, arrived clean, healthy and with a very happy and friendly personality.  It was clear that she had been carefully handled and well socialised, as she loves all people and all dogs.  She even adores going to the Vet!  Although she did have a slight cough or arrival,  we followed Nick’s instructions and it cleared up in just a few days.

Penelope is also very intelligent, learning her name, and to walk on a lead in about 10 minutes and toilet trained in about 3 days!

Thank you for making sure your puppies and their mums are  so carefully looked after.  This was a major concern for us and  we feel absolutely satisfied that Banksia Park  makes sure its dogs  are both healthy and happy.

With kindest regards,



Review from Portia

July 2017

Little “Tawny” has settled in very nicely. Norman is absolutely smitten.
I’ve attached a few photos of them together.

P.s excuse Normans ugly hair cut. We had to get him shaved due to terrible matting from the cone when he was desexed 🙂


Review from John

July 2017
Just wanted to say hi and send a few pics of Gracie. She has settled in really well. We love her very much. Hudson, our 7 year old Retriever, is also in love with her.
Kind Regards,

Review from Cameron

May 2017
Just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much, Nusa is amazing! She’s just perfect, so friendly to everyone including kids and other dogs, extremely smart (she can sit, shake, lay down and fetch already), goes to the toilet outside, and is just the most loving little puppy ever.
Everyone who meets her loves her, and is amazed at how confident and calm she is. Many have commented that she must have come from a great breeder and we have given you guys glowing recommendations (and in fact a few wrote down your website and will probably reach out to you guys).
Would love to recommend you and feel fee to use this as a reference or point me in the direction of where you’d like me to write one.
You guys are all amazing and made such a difficult and important choice in us getting a new family member easy.
I know you also said people never send any pictures so attached are a few more of little Nusa we thought you’d like as well as a video from when we first met her 🙂

Review from Maddie

April 2017

Just wanted to let you know that our spoodle Alfred arrived safely in adelaide yesterday and has fitted in well with our 9 month old Arnold we got from you last year.

Thanks Maddie

Review from Hazel

March 2017
Hi All,  just thought I would send a video and a couple of pictures of our Cavoodle Mindy. She is a ball of energy and keeps us on our toes but can be adorable too.
Thanks again for all your help.Hazel Millar

Review from Michelle

March 2017
Just a few pics …
Little cavador is settling in beautifully. She is such sweet little girl ‘koko’.
Thanks for all your help the handover was so helpful
Michelle Lane

Review from Barbara and Jan

February 2017

See this photo of Toby and Ollie.

They have just graduated from Puppy pre school .and did very well. Learn
t lots of things’.

Toby weighs at 15 weeks  3.5 ks and Ollie is 4.3 ks.

They spend a fair bit of time together. They are both very social and
love eating!!!!.

We are so very glad we bought them from you as they are beautiful and
very healthy.

Kindest regards,

Barbara and Jan.

Review from Brice

February 2017
Boots is settling in very well and bringing us a lot of joy (and challenges)
Here are a few shots of him in his home back yard where he loves running and
He is very clever and has learned to sit and drop already!
Warm Regards

Review from Jess

February 2017

Bella is home with us!
Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful puppy 🙂
She is so happy and loving.. we absolutely adore her 😍


Review from Portia

February 2017

I’ve attached a few photos of Norman. He’s such a happy pup and has brought so much joy to our lives.

Kind regards,


Review from The Brownlies

January 2017

Mia, she has settled in really well. Pretty much toilet trained and adorable.

We love our “Charlie” girl

Regards The Brownlie’s

Review from Nadia

January 2017

It has been declared the happiest days of their life little Tommy is here with us thank you Mia

Review from Lisa

December 2016

Hi Mia,

I just wanted to let you know how happy and in love I am with Mylo who I collected last Wednesday.

He has settled in so well and is such a character. He has even been in the office all day on Friday and everyone has fallen in love with him. They keep asking me, when is Mylo coming back?? Here are a few photos:

Thanks so much for looking after him in his early weeks.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Gibbs

Hi Mia,

Yes absolutely please pass onto Banksia Park.

He has settled in so well and can hold on during the night now and has learned how to sit. Very clever puppy!

I will certainly send you more photos as he grows but here are some more for now (I can’t resist- he is so adorable)


Photos from Katie

December 2016

Review from Leah

December 2016

Hi Mia,  

Little Ava arrived today and is settling in really well.  She is gorgeous and we are already in love wit her.  Please see some pics of her in her new home attached.




Review from Janette

October 2016

Hi Mia

Just letting you know Nala arrived safe & sound & is settling into our family life very well!

She is absolutely gorgeous….

Thanks so much!

Kind Regards

Janette Wahlstedt

Review from Nag, Alekhya and family

September 2016

Dear Matt and Kirstin

Thank you so much for having us on your farm/family on Wednesday 28th sep. We  had a great time watching and learning from you.

Especially, we have learnt a lot about the practices and proedures that you follow in the caring and breeding program.

Ethical values are at its best and transperency is at 100%.

We were so happy at the way you have treated us – like your family visitors, rather than  customers to your bisiness. I am sure these morals and values are passed on to your business practices too.

Just a few points to mention about the whole experience, The birthing and nursery wards looked like those of in Hospital wards – So much caring for the mums and puppies.Standards for cleaning and sanitation are at its best. Great job what you and your employees are  doing and for this you must be so proud of yourself for being able to keep the standards so high and be able to show them all to your visitors.

This is a great learning experience for everyone whether or not in market for a puppy or in dog breeding business or infact for any one to learn about setting high standards, practicing them everyday, and being able to educate the visitors very transparently.

We are still not sure whether we would have a puppy to our family from your family of puppies, But I would say this- if we do get , then we are getting the best puppy available in the whole country for our family, but if dont for any reason, then  we are missing out on  a great puppy.

Breed seletion Criteria that Matt has explained, is of great help for us. we will let you know soon about our choice.

Pls hae a look at the picture that our 5 yrs old daugher drew of your front yard while she was interacting with a group of puppies. she wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to come and play with your puppies.

Thank you so much Matt and Kirstin,

Best regards, 

Nag, Alekhya and the kids.

Review from the Haddens

September 2016

Sending you all an update on our spoodle puppies ‘Bobbi and Honey’. Bobbi is over a year old and Honey 9 months now. They are still balls of energy and get along famously. They are so loving and attentive to us humans and eager to please and very intelligent. So cuddly yet robust enough to play with children. They’re a welcomed addition to our family and very much loved.

Haddon Family

Review from Sue

September 2016

Hi Mia

Thanks for that.

The puppy, now called Cisco arrived safely yesterday and has settled in very well, even slept through the night!

Reviews from Nikki

September 2016

Hi Mia,

Some more pics of Leo 2 weeks into moving into his new forever home!

We haven’t had a number 2 accident inside for a week and a half and very minimal wees inside too!

He has learnt to sit, stay, come, drop and shake hands! Very quick learner!

We absolutely adore him!


August 2016

Hi Mia,

Here is beautiful Leo he is all settled in after his first night in Tassie!

We are so happy with the service of pines pets! They keep you in the loop up until you get your puppy and are so helpful.

We love our little fur baby!

Thanks again so much,


Review from Katy

August 2016

Hi Mia

I thought I would send you a photo if Robby now he has grown a bit. He plays in the garden with my mum’s poodle Pepe’ they are great mates already. He is a very smart, cute and adventurous little pup and we love him a lot.

Kind regards


Review from Katie

July 2016

Hi Mia,

Just letting you know Lola arrived safely.  Kids were so surprised and excited! I forwarded you a couple of photos. She’s a lovely puppy, thank you!



Hi Mia,

You’re most welcome to forward the photos. Kids love her. Tayla said why are there all these kennels at the airport ? Aren’t we getting Dad’s luggage? When they saw her they said is she ours? Are we keeping her forever? Very excited! Liam was worried about going to school and leaving her. Who’s going to look after her? He asked me to buy her a coat because it’s cold!!! I said she’s sleeping inside, it will get warmer now and her coat will get thicker. So sweet!

That’s great about her vaccinations. I’ll book her in for 11 wks. Thank you for all your help 🙂 

We look forward to many happy moments with Lola!


lola-1 lola-2

Review from Jill

July 2016

To the pines pets crew.

Apologies for taking so long in sending these photos of our caboodle called Maisie. We are all totally and madly besotted with her and wanted to thank you for your patience in processing our payment and sending this gorgeous little creature into our lives. Maisie is settling well and my daughters Ruby (11 yrs – pictured) and Eva (14 yrs – the photographer) are truly enjoying her as part of our family.




Review from Pamela

July 2016

Hi Mia,

Thank you so much for the photos of Liam’s Dad Ben I have showed them to Liam ha ha

I was wondering if you could find some photos of Liam’s mum Annie.

I have sent back a support email to help safe Banksia Park from the possible  political changes. If there is anything we can do PLEASE inform us. We are 100% behind everything that Banksia Park stands for.

Pamela and our furry family

Review from the Perkins family

May 2016

Just wanted to send you a message to say a big thank you as we bought a second generation red Spoodle from you (born feb 14 parents Wendy and tobacco) and we couldn’t be happier. She is a beautiful puppy and we adore her. The service we received from the moment we went on the waiting list through to collecting Maggie was second to none – we’ll be recommending you – thanks!

Review from the Brown family

April 2016

Hi Pines Pets staff

Just an update about our Tilly, aged 15 weeks.

Just after walk to the river, so she’s exhausted & looking a little bedraggled! She had her first haircut 2 weeks ago. She goes to puppy training with MannersNMore and will sit & follow on command (& treats!)

She also lives between 2 homes my parents & our family, and she copes very well with that arrangement


Andrea Brown


Review from the Jodi and family

February 2016

Well Bella is certainly settling in nicely. She is a bundle of energy! She doesn’t really cry at night and is just smothered in love by my kids!!!! Sooooo gorgeous!!! We love her so much!!!

Cheers Jodi & family.

Review from the Sherratt family

February 2016

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that our gorgeous little boy beaglier Benny arrived safely on Friday evening and after just 4 days in our home we are besotted and he seems to be settling in really well. He is a delightful little guy and we are so pleased he is in our lives.

I thought I would send a few pictures – thanks again for your help through the process.

Review from the Walker family

January 2016

Hi Mia and everyone at pine pets!

I just wanted to drop you message to say that our beautiful new puppy Lola is absolutely gorgeous, she is a delight- she is so happy and fun!

She seems to be toilet trained already and is so well adjusted!

We couldn’t be happier with her.

Thank you so much!

Liz, Warren and Meg

Lauren’s review

To the AMAZING Banksia Park Puppies Team and Pines Puppies Team………….

Sadly in July of this year, we lost our beautiful dog Coco after five years of her being an incredibly, loyal and loving member of our family. Our house just hasn’t been the same.

Specialists in America had told us of the benefits of a therapy dog for our daughter Emily who has been struggling for the past three years having been diagnosed with a very rare disease that specialists in London, America and Australia do not know how to treat or cure. However, we were too sad to look into it and not ready to move forward. Not to mention the responsibilities of looking after a new puppy with everything that was going on. We could barely look after ourselves!!!

However, through all the nerves and fears of yesterday as Emily trialled a new drug in hospital to hopefully give her some better quality of life, we welcomed a beautiful new addition to our home. Little Minnesota. Minnie for short.

Some weeks ago, three wonderful men by the names of Steve, Nick and Matt, from Pines Puppies and Banksia Park Puppies, learned of Emily’s Christmas wish for a puppy.

Incredibly, they generously offered to grant Emily’s Christmas wish and give her a beautiful Cavoodle. When I first told Emily of this she screamed with joy, and the rest of our family for the first time in a long time, had something wonderful to smile about.

Nick from Pines Puppies so generously allowed for Emily to choose her puppy and it was instant love when she set her eyes on Minnie. After what seemed the longest two weeks wait with her little brother Charlie running a count down everyday, two hours before her new treatment began, our family went to Pines Pets in Doncaster East to meet our new little girl.

I am not sure who was more excited out of all of us but the smile on Em’s face was just priceless. Pure happiness as Nick handed Minnie over to her. It was obvious that he too was overjoyed.

With all of our struggles, lack of finances and time, we are welcoming this little piece of heaven to our family. Our dog Coco would have sniffed her out and most likely eaten her!! She is sooooo tiny!!!!

Our family are so incredibly thankful and honoured to be given this much needed happiness. To Nick, Steve and Matt, we cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate you giving Emily and our family this precious gift. Not only did you give us Minnie, you also made sure we were set up with everything she needed to have a comfortable new home with us. I fought back tears on several occasions yesterday and I was so immensely overwhelmed by Nick’s generosity and care for our family.

Nick I coud have hugged you a thousand times over but i knew when Emily gave you a hug, she was truly grateful for everything you and the Pines Pets and Banksia Park families had done to make this wish happen.

I don’t know how I managed to tear Emily away from Minnie to go to her treatment. That’s all she could think of at the hospital and it was a great distraction for her.

We will be eternally grateful and cannot wait to share our many new memories with you, of our little Minnie. She will be greatly loved and adored!!!

Minnie has been with us one night, and she has already managed to burrow her way into our hearts. She is inquisitive and adventurous and I think she already senses that Emily is not well as she keeps going to her and resting her head on Em’s stomach, which is where her pain is at the moment.

Although exhausted, feeling blessed and so nice to see Em smile, a genuine happiness pouring out of her. We have had such a horrible past couple of years but especially these last few months after travelling back and forth to the USA without much hope of finding a cure for Emily’s condition. She suffers everyday with severe joint pain, nausea, headaches, dizziness, mouth and colon ulcers, chronic fatigue, postural tachycardia, severely elevated IgE, Eosinophils and the list goes on.

We could have never afforded to do this for Emily due to our ongoing financial struggles. Your teams made this happen for her and we will never know how to repay you for your beautiful kindness.

Thank you Pines Puppies and Banksia Park Puppies for your love, care and amazing generosity xxxxxx

Review from Elliot

December 2015

Hi Steve,

Hope you are well and surviving the heat! I just wanted to thank you for arranging the visit to Banksia Park for me.  We went along yesterday and had a fantastic day.

We got to see the entire property and meet lots of lovely (and happy) dogs and their pups.  Matt is great!  His knowledge and passion are obvious and the customer service was sensational – answering all of our questions.  He was also exceptionally generous with his time and we were truly grateful.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be looking to welcome a puppy into my home from mid-January (onwards) so am excited to think I may have even seen the pup there yesterday.

A very sincere thanks (again).  I hope you and the team have a great Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards,


Review from Marlo

December 2015

Hi Nick,

Sorry that l have not been in touch until now.  As you are aware l have been struggling with all what has happened.   Roxy was with us for only a short time but was a much love member of our family.  Words cannot describe the joy and love that she gave us.

I am speechless with the generosity that you have shown.  It is a very difficult time as it is and it became more so with the mounting vet bills.  I wouldn’t have been able to pay the bill which would have lead to alot more distress for both me and Hakan. 

I have nothing but praise for you and your business.  Both Pugaliers we have brought from you have been nothing but amazing.  They have wonderful natures.  It was unfortunate that Roxy became sick and l guess that could happen with any dog and from any breeder.

I would love to take you up on your offer of a puppy at some stage.  I think at this stage Hakan and l need to come to terms with the loss of Roxy. 

Again l can’t thank you enough for your generosity and understanding.

I will be in touch with you soon

Regards Marlo

Review from Michelle

November 2015

Hey Nick

Harvey is now a grown up,  he is such a delight and loves everyone he comes in contact with. He gets up on your lap and gives you big kisses, when is tired he puts himself into my bed and curls up like a cat.  But if I come in to give him a pat he rolls over as if to say run my belly mummy. Cheeky boy.  Happy Birthday my gorgeous Harvey Boy xo

Michelle - Harvey - Review - Banksia Park Puppies

Review from Lindsay

August 2015

My wife and I visited Banksia Park Puppies today (Thursday 20th August) to meet our reserved new Groodle family member and with the undivided assistance of Matt Ham the owner/breeder. The whole operation was professional in their level of care, cleanliness, and concern for the welfare of their dogs and puppies. Best part was the access to our puppies mum (Snooky) shown in our family photo who has a beautiful friendly happy nature and dad (Ollie) who played with the puppies and also had a lovely friendly approachable manner. All the litter were fat, healthy, active ,happy live wires and we would have liked to pick them all. We can’t wait for our little girl who we have named “Bonnie” to be weaned and ready to join our family where we already have an 8 year mini Groodle “Chloe” who will take over parenting duties with great enthusiasm. Thanks Matt for your time and attention today, and for being the caring breeder who puts the welfare of your animals first, ensuring our new pet is ready for a long and healthy life with us. (Photo is the whole litter happily playing with and around Snooky their mum)

Cheers, Lindsay.

Review from Caz

June 2015

I have a dog that was brought as a puppy from Banksia Park as have several of my friends and family- including adult dogs that were re-homed. Can’t speak highly enough of them, dogs and puppies are well loved, socialised, happy and healthy dogs. The management and staff are caring and professional maintaining the best outcomes for the dogs welfare at all times!

Caz Driscoll

Review from Christie and Jean

April 2015

Hey Matt, Hope you are well. Just a little update, I cannot thank you and Valda enough for giving mum and I our beautiful little princess king charles cav Ruby, she is the most sweetest, gorgeous perfect puppy in the world. She can’t stop giving me doggy kisses which is just too adorable. She is fun, happy, playful and just has such a sweet heart and a beautiful nature and loves us to bits like we love her. She has grown a little bit bigger now but I can still carry her in my arms. (will send photos soon) Every time I take her for a walk people are always stopping me and asking me for a pat and telling me how adorable beautiful and friendly she is, (people do not have to tell me because i already know but maybe i’m biased 🙂 Next time I am down that way will pop in again to show you her. Say hi to your dad for us and look forward to visiting you again next time.

All the best and thank you again.

Christie and Jean.

A Facebook Review from a Visit to Banksia Park and a Re-homed Dog

Review from Mel

April 2015

Banksia Park Puppy Grace's puppy

Banksia Park Puppy Grace’s puppy

Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for everything you contributed towards Grace’s wish. The family are so extremely grateful for everything you have done.

I have attached a few photos of Grace and her puppy for you 🙂

Could you please pass on a massive thank you to Matt Hams too!

Below is a little note from Grace’s Mum:

“I am personally feeling overwhelmed by this act of kindness.

 Make a Wish Is made up of the kindness of strangers and tomorrow Grace will feel the love of many – not just her family!

Us parents act as if living with a child with a life threatening illness is normal and for the sake of our kids we stay calm, remain positive and learn the true meaning of the word hope.

I feel so grateful  that you can give grace this experience, I know this wish will bring her great comfort. There is nothing like the love of another to help us heal.

Kids expect their parents love but feeling the love of many is an extraordinary gift.”

Thanks again Nick!!!

Review from Mel

March 2015

Banksia Park Puppies Macey and Murphy

Hi Kate

Just thought I would update you on the puppies.

Macy and Murphy are wonderful – they are getting along so well, settled quickly, have slept through every night, happy, good listeners and learning well, lots of fun oh and super cute.

I have attached a photo of them – their first groom was at 4 months old hence the bow and bow tie!

We were wondering if we could get a photo of their parents? They are changing so much would be good to see what their parents look like 🙂

Thanks again for such a smooth process for purchasing Macy & Murphy


Mel Farrow

Review from Marina

February 2015

Andy Review

Hi Kate,

I bought my puppy from you 3 months ago.  He is such a joy.  I have called him Andy and he is 5 months old now.  He goes to obedience classes each week and the trainers love him as he is so smart. I have attached a couple of recent photos of him for you. He loves to play with other dogs and loves a swim in the yarra.


Marina Payne

Review from The Andersens

January 2015

alby review alby review

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to let you know that our Spoodle puppy ‘Alby’ arrived safely this afternoon and has already settled in very well. We are all totally in love with him and could not be happier!

Thank you for all your help and advice. We were extremely happy with your customer service and would recommend you to others searching for a puppy without a doubt.

Thanks again

The Andersens


 Alby is doing great and we are so impressed with how fast he is learning.  He is such a well behaved and gorgeous puppy!

Thank you again


Review from Millie

January 2015

Millie Review Millie Review Millie Review Millie Review

Dear Pines Pets

Millie has settled in beautifully with our family. She has a great nature and is a delight!

Regards Natasha, Greg, Will and Georgie

Review from Sam

January 2015

Banksia Park Puppy Jett

Thanks Matt for showing us around your fabulous place & helping us pick our spoodle pup. In fact, Jett picked us! Our boys were beyond excited when they heard about their new family member on Christmas morning! We have had him for a week now; he has settled in so well, and we just adore him. Sam

Review from Jenny

December 2014

Banksia Park Puppies Ned2 Banksia Park Puppies Ned2 Banksia Park Puppies Ned2

Ned, our golden mini groodle, has brought so much joy to our lives since joining our family on November 7, 2014.

He was bought to fill some very big shoes, left by our beloved Ralph, who was put to sleep just two weeks before his arrival. Ralph had been a member of our family for ten years and his passing was sorely felt, particularly by my son Pete and husband, Kingsley.

Kingsley is a cancer patient and the day Ned arrived in Toowoomba, Queensland, Kingsley was admitted to the Hospice to control the pain in his body, brought about by multiple tumours. Ned therefore, had to visit him at the facility and has done so each day since his arrival.

To say Ned is loved at the Hospice is an understatement, for he is adored by Kingsley, nursing staff and volunteers. Ned gets the biggest welcome when he runs in there each day; I had completely underestimated the ability of a gorgeous pup to bring so much joy. He has even appeared in their advertising material !

Thank you for breeding such a gorgeous animal; he is cherished.

Review from Paul and Sue

December 2014

Banksia Park Puppies Benni and BaileyBanksia Park Puppies Benni and Bailey Banksia Park Puppies Benni and Bailey


We really enjoyed going around Banksia Park and appreciate the time spent with us, personally I loved being able to pat so many dogs. It was wonderful seeing them all including the new borns and understand how well they are all looked after. We already knew that they were well looked after dogs because of our beautiful 3 year groodle.

I’ve attached the latest photo of both Benni (our new boy) and Bailey (the 3 year old from Amanda).


Paul & Sue.

Review from Lambrini

November 2014

Banksia Park Puppy Cavoodles Bailey and Millie

Hi Nick.

Letting you know Bailey is doing great with Millie. He follows her around everywhere. He is an absolute delight to have around.

Thank you again.

Lambrini Azzopardi

Review from Donna

October 2014

Banksia aPark Puppies Pugalier4 Banksia aPark Puppies Pugalier4 Banksia Park Puppies Pugalier3 Banksia Park Puppies Pugalier3

Hi Pines Pets,

Thought you may like an update on one of your pups. I dont have the ID number you gave her but her microchip number is 95600000[xxxxxxx] and she traveled all the way up to Coffs Harbour.

My kids bought me a delightful little female pugalier from you in November last year.

I have attached a couple of pics to show you her funny personality. She stays at home in the mornings after an energetic walk then comes to work in the office to help with the shredding and other paperwork. Also I discovered she is a real water dog….. creeks, ponds, mud puddles, and of course the surf make great playtimes. The last pic of her supervising me from her sun lounge is the latest one.

I am so glad my kids decided I needed a pugalier in my life!!

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Donna Neill

Review from Sue and Terry

September 2014

Banksia Park Puppies Lucy4 Banksia Park Puppies Lucy4 Banksia Park Puppies Lucy4 Banksia Park Puppies Lucy4

Hi Banksia Park and Pines Pets,

Here is our bundle of happiness, Lucy (mini groodle). She is almost 7 months old now and is the most gorgeous girl, as she was from the very day that I collected her.

Lucy loves people, dogs and, in fact, all animals especially our two cats (who are NOT so in love), basically she just adores life and is a joy to watch.

She has a lovely temperament, is extremely healthy, her tail never stops wagging and people are really taken with her everywhere we go.

All in all we are besotted, she has far exceeded our expectations … thanks so much.

Kind regards,

Sue and Terry

Review from the Crofts

October 2014

Banksia Park Puppies Spoodle Crofts

We purchased max our mini groodle from you last July and have been very slack in sending photos!

He is now 16 months old and hopefully fully grown. He is just adorable and we love him to bits.

Here is a photo of him we took this morning…

David, Sharon, Joshua and Jacob Croft ( and Max!)

Review from Trish

September 2014

Bailey and Mia Banksia Park Puppies

This is a picture of our two babies that I got from pines pets. The larger dark puggle is bailey he is four and a half months old and the little tan one is Mia she is only nine weeks old. These two have hit it off so well and play and get up to mischief all day, when it comes to night time they just crash out on the couch. I actually have to carry them off to bed, love them so much

Review from Kellie

September 2014

Banksia Park Puppies Marli Banksia Park Puppies Marli Banksia Park Puppies Marli Banksia Park Puppies Marli


We bought Marli from PinePets/Banksia Park early this year, and he is the most beautiful loving, friendly, cheeky, intelligent Cavoodle. We couldnt be more pleased with his incredible personality who has settled in wonderfully into our home. We have 2 young boys, a German Shepherd and a Burman cat!

Thank you so much, Kellie.

Review from Simone

September 2014

Rue Banksia Park Puppy

We love our little Girl Rue that we got from you this year, she has the best nature and just perfect for our family and have recommended you every time people ask me where we got her from x

Review from John

September 2014

Have been there and have seen the happy and estatic behaviour of the Mums and Puppies when the staff enter the area. If you want a well loved and cared for puppy you can look no further than those bred, loved and cared for in such a modern facility as Banksia.

Our family member Pistacio, Pug cross is a Bansia Park Pup. He is a lovable rouge and a valued member of this family. I have visited Banksia Park and would recommend this facility to all.

John Oxley Hervey Bay Queensland. Yes we have such a puppy named Pistacio. Takes me for a walk 2-3 times a day. Lively, happy, and lovable little rouge. A valued member of the family

Review from Judith

Henry Banksia Park Puppies Henry Banksia Park Puppies Henry Banksia Park Puppies Henry Banksia Park Puppies

September 2014

I have just bought a puppy from you being fully aware of the cost and the breeding of my pup. I didn’t want a rescue dog to assimilate with my 3 year old cavador. Too many chances of picking the right dog. Should I get same sex or not, what issues did it come with etc. I wanted the same mix as my much loved Oliver. Not every one wants to be a hero and rescue a dog. I love my boys immensely, both insured, vaccinated, socialised. 

Review from Heidi

Maggie Banksia Park Puppy Maggie Banksia Park Puppy Maggie Banksia Park Puppy Maggie Banksia Park PuppyMaggie Banksia Park Puppy

September 2014

My husband and I wanted to get our two little children a dog for Christmas. So one day we thought we would go and check this place out. Little did we know that we would love the beautiful caring local family that own it, let alone their beautiful dogs that might I add are ALL treated like queens ( massive lawns, toys, heaters, employed people just too play with them, clean separate sleeping area’s for them and trust me the list went on) They all have their own names & the staff new every single dog and personality. We had to get a special breed of dog for our Son that has chronic Lung disease and is on 24/7 oxygen & Banksia Park Puppies could not help us enough. This place is AMAZING and I wish them nothing but the best. I would strongly recommend supporting this family & their dogs to anyone and everyone.

Review from Louise

September 2014

Roman Banksia Park Puppy Roman Banksia Park Puppy Roman Banksia Park Puppy

Hi Just thought you might like to see Roman, who we adopted about 2 years ago. He fit into our family right away and hasn’t really left my side since. Here is is dinosaur PJ’s from Japan, how we look when we first wake up and our first ever swim at the beach.

Review from Christine

Dear Nick,

I was just remembering the day my daughter and I drove to Sale to visit our new puppy’s parents, and thought I would send you a bit of a reflection on our experience.   
When we decided that it was time to get another puppy after our 14 year old dog passed away about a year ago, we began to research the type of dog that would be best for our family and our living conditions. It was really important to us that the puppy was well bred and cared for from birth. We had tried to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter but found that most of the dogs available were big breeds and older. We discussed ideas with our friends who had dogs, and went online to get more information. It was there that we were shocked by terrible stories and images of cruelty to puppies, including very bad reports about the family that supply your puppies. 
We wanted to check out the truth of the disturbing claims and I am so glad that we took the trouble and time (8 hours round trip) to meet Matt and his father and be introduced to their farm and their breeding dogs. The property was surrounded by farmland and the facilities for the dogs, and especially for the nursing mothers, could not have been more ethical. I cannot understand how there can be such a difference between what we saw in person and what is on the Internet. It was sad when Matt and his father told us about the stress on their family of people breaking in to their property and scaring their dogs. 
My understanding from talking things over with them is that they are actively involved in setting up checks and guidelines for their  industry so that disreputable people are not able to get away with unethical practices. I am amazed that people like Matt can be so viciously and unjustly attacked with no recourse to the truth, and that people are able to make unsubstantiated claims that threaten the livelihood and mental state of such a fine family. Nothing was hidden from us, and I was determined to be thorough in my search for answers and determined to not buy a dog from an unethical person. Matt took the time to answer all my questions and showed me every part of his farm. 
I understand that some people find it confronting to see companion animals in pens, no matter how picturesque and well cared for they are. I understand that it is confronting for people whose only vision of pets is in the family home, and so a farm of dogs is upsetting. But to take that view to the extremes we see on the Internet is just wrong. 
The dogs have to be born and bred outside a family home in enough numbers to provide people with the opportunity to bring a pet into their family. We are an ordinary family, not wealthy, and not familiar with pure-bred traditions. But I am a science teacher and understand genetics and inheritance very well, and I can see both sides of the pure versus cross bred arguments. I think the most important result is for breeding to produce healthy happy dogs, not necessarily dogs with pure-bred characteristics. 
Having these debates is fine. But when people take it upon themselves to impose extreme visuals and views on the general public I think it harms their argument. Humans benefit greatly from the companionship of dogs. My children learnt a great deal from growing up with our little dog, and she was a great comfort to us during those inevitable stressful family times. The children learnt to  look after someone other than themselves and take responsibility for our pet. If families are unable to buy dogs from pet shops because all shops are labelled as disreputable or unethical most kids will be denied the opportunity to have a family pet, and I think this is a bit elitist. 
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that our little puppy is happy and gorgeous, and was so well socialised when we picked her up from you, thanks to your care and the beautiful mothering she had at Matt’s farm.  
We wish you well and hope that you continue to develop best practice in the pet industry for the benefit of all our families.

Review from Fab and Steff

Hi Matt and Colin, 
Just to say thank you again for taking the time to talk to us and show us around Banksia Park yesterday. To be honest all of our homework in finding the right puppy, lead us to be a bit skeptical about finding a good breeder, but as soon as we arrived our opinion rapidly changed; hence why the trip was important to us. 
It is truly refreshing to find a knowledgeable and conscientious breeder. It was great to see the dogs buzzing, tail wagging and happy. It surely was a well informative trip for us, and I would be more than happy to recommend Banksia Park to friends, families and others. 
We left your property yesterday relieved and excited. We drove straight to Pines Pets to put a deposit and be on the waiting list for a puppy in December. 🙂 
We are sure to visit again once our pup is born when the time comes. 
Thanks again
Fab and Steff

Review from Molly and Harvey

Banksia Park Puppy Review Molly and Harvey

Hi Nick

How many words do I get. I could talk about how funny they are forever, their personalities are hilarious

Molly Doodle (light colour) was purchased in March 2009 and has been such an amazing dog, so much so I then purchased Harvey (black) in 2011. At first Molly was who is this, don’t look at me, don’t touch me and don’t think about me. She was very put out. Now they are partners in crime. Not ever having a male dog before I did not know what to expect but Harvey has weaved his way into my heart with his gentle soul. They love to run, sniff and sleep anywhere we are, Need a bigger bed. I could not be happier with the two of them, and could not imagine my life without them. Love this breed, their nature, their size and that they don’t lose hair.

Thank you so much for 2 of the most amazingly healthy happy dogs

My girlfriend also has purchased 2 Cavoodles from you, and now I have another friend interested in getting one as well.

Kindest regards


Review from Chino (Spoodle)
Banksia Park Puppy Review Chino Banksia Park Puppy Review Chino

Thankyou Pines Pets for our beautiful puppy- Chino the golden Spoodle.
Chino just turned 5 months old. He is the centre of attention in our house. We don’t know what we ever did without him! He loves bones, playing ball at the beach & cuddles.
I love coming home to his happy face and wagging tail at the back door.

Thankyou Pines Pets, for our perfect (sometimes naughty) puppy and new bestfriend Chino.
Lauren & James

Review from Miss Piggy 

Banksia Park Puppy Review Miss Piggy

Hi Nick,
I’m sure you see puppies all the time, but I just wanted to share with you a pic of our puppy we bought from you guys 4 weeks ago.
As you can see, she is very healthy & the happiest, funniest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I think the pic says it all 🙂 🙂
We named her Miss Piggy & I can assure you, she lives up to her name in every way!!
She is slowly getting the hang of training but its so hard not to spoil her a bit sometimes 😉 we love her to bits & 4 weeks feels like a lifetime already!! I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
I just wanted to thank you & to let you know she is loved & very happy 😀

Jacki Rogers

Review from Nala 

Banksia Park Puppy Review Nala

Hi Nick and Matt,

Just a quick hello and as promised wanted to let you know how well Nala is doing. It has been 10 weeks already that Nala has joined our home and she is an absolute joy. She’s the cutest, cuddliest, extremely smart, healthy, and very happy puppy. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy.

We have been very busy socialising her since we got her, walks (we get stop all the time; people commenting how cute she is and wanting a cuddle), puppy pre-school, and currently obedience training/puppy school. We take her to a dog park every day for some exercise and play with her friends which is conveniently at a couple of strolls away. She adapted quickly to the house, she is house trained, will sit on command, drop, and roll-over.

So we would like to thank you Matt and your Dad to welcome us to your property on both occasion to meet our little one. We were very pleased with how well and healthy all your dogs were; the cleanliness and how dedicated you and your staff are to the dogs and as well as meeting Nala’s parents, brothers and sisters. You have made this whole important experience so easy, exciting and memorable. 

To Nick and the team at Pines pets, great customer service and very knowledgeable. We were very impressed on the handover of Nala to us with all the valuable tips on coping through the first night. (Which was very good she only woke up twice; and since sleeps all through the night). We won’t miss to stop and say hi the next time we are in the area.

Attached are some pics of Nala taken this week.

Thanks again

Fabrice and Stefanie

Review from Ella 

Banksia Park Puppy Review Ella Banksia Park Puppy Review Ella

Hi there

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that our mini groodle “Ella” is just adorable. Ive attached a couple of photos of her to standing still long enough to take a quick snap! She has settled very well into the family and has been relatively easy to train (with a few accidents here and there!)

She has been to puppy school and done lots of socialising and we try to take her with us as much as possible and is the biggest hit no matter where we go! Last weekend we went to Williamstown and it coincided with the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson – we even had bikies taking photos of her. She is very social and enjoys walking and meeting other dogs, children and anyone really…… our walks take double the time they should by the time we stop and chat and tell everyone we meet all about her.

Well thats all for now except for a big thank you we are more than happy with our bundle of joy!


Review from Pippa

Banksia Park Puppy Review Pippa

Hi Nick,

We wanted to let you know how our Cavador, Pippa has been going since we picked her up on August 23rd. She is almost 6 months old now and we couldn’t be happier with her, she has such a lovely nature and does nothing but wag her tail and try to play with everyone she meets.

Pippa is now toilet trained and we are looking at joining an obedience club to train her further. (Already graduated Puppy School in September)

We were really impressed with the help we received while going through the process of finding the perfect dog for us, and were so glad that we had the opportunity to go down to Banksia Park and meet everyone there.

Big thank you to everyone at Pines Pets and Banksia park.

We have attached a few photos of Pippa.

Emily, Bryce and Pip 🙂

Review from Lexie

Hi everyone!

We picked up our beautiful little Schnoodle pup from you on Feb 22. We named her Lexie, which means mans defender. A huge thank- you to Nick who carried out a fantastic hand over of her to us. We were both very nervous when we saw how small she was but Nick put us at ease as he took us through everything & answered my page of questions !

Lexie has recently had her 12 week vaccinations & was a very brave girl. The vet said she was fantastic & was a good settled pup. We had Ian the dog trainer out 2 give us some tips & will enroll her in a local obedience school very soon. She defiantly has a cheeky streak but we wanted a dog with personality ! She is an absolute delight & brings joy into our lives every day. Thank you so much for looking after her & us. We have told everyone how impressed we were with you & will defiantly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a puppy.
We can’t believe how much she has grown ! I will send through some pictures.

Thanks again, Anne & Paul

Review from Julia

Thank you very much. We are delighted with our little one!

Your service has been outstanding and i shall be referring your details on to other friends looking for a puppy.

Thanks again

Cavador puppy

Review from Bailey and Ollie

Banksia Park Puppy Review

Both of our Cavadors from Pines Pets are doing so well and are best friends! Bailey is now 9 months old and Ollie is coming up to 4 months. Thank-you, we couldn’t love them more!

Bailey and Ollie

Review of Mia

Banksia Park Puppy Review Mia

Dear Nick and Team at Pines Pets,

We wanted to let you know how much joy our little Puggle girl ‘Mia’ has brought to our family. We couldnt be happier with her. She is 6 months old now and she is part of the family. The Puggle really has the best elements of both the Pug and the Beagle. She has the cheekiness and playfulness of the Beagle and the love and affection of the Pug. She loves going for walks and has her special toys that she plays with. She is also very intelligent and with her keen sense of smell, can sniff out her toys when we hide them. Our boys absolutely adore her. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the girls for all your help and advice. We have no hesitation in recommending Pines Pets for anyone looking for that special addition to their family.

I’ve attached a recent photo of Mia.

Best regards,
David & Rachel

Review from Bella

Banksia Park Puppy Review Bella


Our little Spoodle, Bella, is almost five months old now and we cant believe how fast time has gone since we got her!
She settled in at home very quickly and after a couple of days already had the run of the household! Bella is now fully toilet trained and has recently graduated from Puppy Pre-School and enjoys showing off her new tricks (sit, drop, shake, roll, high five, spin and bow)!
Despite being very cheeky she is incredibly well behaved and loves playing with her toys and being taken for walks.
Bella has been a welcome addition to our family and is much loved by all of us!
I have attached a picture of her for you – she is certainly a lot bigger now than the little fluff ball we picked up in February!

Kind Regards,

Review from Sally 

Banksia Park Puppy Review Sally

Hi there Nick,

Our Sally is absolutely adorable, smart, funny, and very strong willed. However I’m even more so! She loves daily excursions to the park, playing with all the regular dogs – the bigger the better.

She learns amazingly fast; can sit, drop, stay, fetch a ball, come, crawl, sit on a box (or a stack of 3), jump over a bar, crawl under, roll over …and is learning to “heel” both on and off lead. All she needs is a pink frilly tutu and she can join the circus!

Her vocab grows daily. Chair (hers) couch (only when invited) toy, teddy, down, bed, outside, etc.

To add to that, she gas already deposited 2 rats on the step. Both rather long deceased.

All the best

Review from Darcy

Banksia Park Puppy Review Darcy

Hi Nick and Mia,

As promised, here are some photos of Darcy mini groodle 6 weeks into his new home!
He was top of his puppy preschool – Mia we’re told we have you to thank for Darcy being such a well behaved pup in those first few weeks 🙂
He’s super social and everyone loves him. He knows sit, drop, shake, stay and roll so far..
He’s famous in our neighborhood .. We get stopped all the time because everyone wants a pat and even if we’re not with him – by people asking “do you have a puppy called Darcy?” 🙂
He has his naughty moments 😉 cheeky nips as we walk down the hall or tearing at his pee pads, but
we’re looking forward to taking him out to his first park visit (his final shot is this weekend). He’s been dying to do more than his walks around the block ..

Thanks again to you both – we couldn’t be happier with our new addition to the family!

Sam and Deepa

Review from Fritz

Banksia Park Puppy Review Fritz Banksia Park Puppy Review Fritz


Fritz is doing very well, thank you.
We are looking forward to getting his final vaccination on Saturday and some time after that he will have his first haircut!
Ive attached a few photos.

Micaela (& Todd)

Review from Ziggy

Banksia Park Puppy Review Ziggy Banksia Park Puppy Review Ziggy Banksia Park Puppy Review Ziggy

Hi Team at Pine Pets

Ziggy is doing great! Have attached some pictures, he’s got lots of personality and energy 🙂 He even gets along well with my cat Coco!

About a month ago – waiting for puppy pre-school to start!

Spoodle Ziggy

Review from Alfred

Banksia Park Puppy Review Alfred

Hi Jo,

Our Spoodle Alfred is doing fantastically well.
He’s now toilet trained, has his own bedroom (the laundry) and really enjoys going for walks and runs.
We took him to the beach for the first time on Sunday and also did a lap of Albert Park with him as well (see photo attached)
He’s loving his life being a puppy and we love having him!!


Review from Freo

Banksia Park Puppy Review Freo Banksia Park Puppy Review Freo

Thanks so much! We are absolutely in love with our little Freo – she brings so much love to our home! I’ve attached a few pictures of her so you can see how much she’s grown. The first was taken a few weeks after we brought her home, on the night we introduced her to my entire staff (about 45 people). She played and played and played until finally, she completely crashed out on the couch. 🙂 The second is more recent, with Freo modelling her homemade Dockers bandana (which Grandma sent her from Canada). We are so, SO happy with our little family – thank you so much!
Ali, Court, and Freo

Review from Dougie

Banksia Park Puppy Review Dougie Banksia Park Puppy Review Dougie

Our Puppy ‘Dougie’ is going great, i’ve attached some photos.
Thanks again.

Review from Charli

Banksia Park Puppy Review Charli Banksia Park Puppy Review Charli

Hi Pines Pets Staff,
Our recent addition “Charli” has settled in very well and we are enjoying her company, loving nature and funny antics…..she is quite a character and we just love her! We have attached a couple of photos with the last two just taken this morning.

Thanks & regards,
Brooke, Michelle, Scott & Charli.

Review from Ruby

22842 22840 22841

Hi Nick and Steve,

Our little Ruby is growing up. She is an absolute joyful addition to our bustling household. From the very timid, meek little puppy that came home on the first day, she has blossomed to be a cheeky, boisterous bundle of love.
We are so thrilled to have chosen her, (secretly we think she chose us.)
She is social, fun loving, a little spoilt and all the things we hold dear to our hearts. Our three children adore her as do we. Ian the trainer visited us early on and she has been very responsive to many of his techniques. We love her to bits and thank you for bringing her into our lives. If we ever opt for a second pup (which we may do: a cream puff we think to complement our Ruby) we will be in touch in a flash.

Thanks again and kind regards

Review from Smudge

24245 Banksia Park Puppy Review Smudge Banksia Park Puppy Review Smudge Banksia Park Puppy Review Smudge

Dear Nick, Steve and Kate,

We wanted to let you know how our Mini Groodle (2814), Smudge, is doing.

We are very thankful for your expertise in helping us choose the right pup for us. She is exactly what we needed in temperament, which is due to you really listening to what we wanted and discerning what would work.

We were taking quite a risk because one of our sons was phobic of dogs – in the true clinical sense. When we first got Smudge, he wouldnt come downstairs to where she was unless someone was holding her. It took him a few weeks, which was much shorter than we expected. As you will see from the photos, he has come a long way and loves her very much. We were away recently and 2 dogs approached, this used to make him panic and run to me or his Dad for protection. This time, he bent down and patted the dogs as they passed by. I am sure this transition has a lot to do with Smudges temperament, so again, thank you.

Our other 3 children are also besotted with Smudge and of course my husband and I are too! The kids cant wait to greet her after school and the younger 2 always want to be the ones to let her out of the laundry in the morning. She really is an integral part of our family.

We are enjoying her very much. She is very intelligent just as you described. Her coat colour has changed quite a bit (as is normal, I believe) but she is still the cutest dog (yes, were biased) ever!

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  1. Hey Matt, Hope you are well and that you had an awesome time in Bali, Just a little update, I cannot thank you and Valda enough for giving mum and I our beautiful little princess king charles cav Ruby, she is the most sweetest, gorgeous perfect puppy in the world. She can’t stop giving me doggy kisses which is just too adorable. She is fun, happy, playful and just has such a sweet heart and a beautiful nature and loves us to bits like we love her. She has grown a little bit bigger now but I can still carry her in my arms. (will send photos soon) Every time I take her for a walk people are always stopping me and asking me for a pat and telling me how adorable beautiful and friendly she is, (people do not have to tell me because i already know but maybe i’m biased 🙂 Next time I am down that way will pop in again to show you her. Say hi to your dad for us and look forward to visiting you again next time.

    All the best and thank you again.

    Christie and Jean.

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