Gumnuts School Holiday Program

“The best day ever!”

What a wonderful day again with the Gumnuts school holiday program. It is so fantastic having the children out and they absolutely love it with the last comments being ‘this is the best day ever!’.

This is the second time the school holiday program has attended and it is an amazing experience for both the children and the dogs and puppies. The children have a fantastic day looking at all our facilities and learning about the development of the dogs and puppies and why socialisation is really important. They spend time in the Early Socialisation Pen, the surface training area, the youth agility park, and also through our nurseries. They see the live in yards as well as the playgrounds. The puppies absolutely love the day and it is great for their development to see so many children over a 2 hour period. They are picked up and held and a few we saw even having massages! The dogs thrived in the attention and it is great to give them different experiences like this as it broadens their brains from a young age making them more confident dogs for their entire lives.

The Gumnuts kids we must say always behave INCREDIBLY well and are a credit to their carers and parents for how they listen to instructions, information, and are keen to learn. They always treat the dogs and puppies with respect and care, and it’s a great thing to see in children.

Our dogs and puppies were presented with a big box of 301 doggie biscuits cooked specially by some of the older girls including things like peanut butter and bacon which we all know are loved by the dogs. The dogs all gobbled up the biccies within a couple of days and we loved the presentation by the older girls.

Here are some lovely photos of the day!

A Birthday at Banksia Park Puppies

A Banksia Park Puppies Day Out

A little while ago we had a request for a visit to Banksia Park Puppies simply as a day out rather than to tour for the purpose of buying a Banksia Park Puppy.

The request was lovely saying that they have a daughter who just loves puppies and asking if they could come down and spend the day here playing with our Banksia Park Puppies! We thought that was such a lovely thing to do and it of course would benefit our puppies here through additional socialisation, so it was all agreed and a couple of weeks ago they came down for the day.

The day started with a full tour of our property. We showed the group the live in yards, the Agility Park, and through both our Birthing Nursery and our bigger nurseries for the older puppies. This was integral so that the group was fully comfortable with our property and our breeding before they sat down and played with the (cute/adorable/gorgeous/fall-in-love-with) puppies! After this they came down and played in our yard with the puppies for the day and all through the afternoon. They also stopped for a little while (and gave the puppies a break) to sing happy birthday with one of the most AMAZING cakes I’ve ever seen!

A Banksia Park Puppies Party cake

Isn’t this AMAZING?! (It was delicious too)

It was a great day. The puppies had a ball and I’m sure they were very tired that night!

At Banksia Park Puppies we really like to show that we are open and transparent, and give complete tours of our property to all potential customers. An added benefit this day though, was not only did the group and the puppies have a good day, we did too, and we met these wonderful people as well!

It was interesting to talk to them too about how some of the girls were in VCE and how they would love to be able to play with puppies during their VCE as it helps with stress. It’s a pity we’re a little bit far away!

Here is a little bit of their lovely email to us the next day, and then a few photos of the day.

“Matt, Kirstin and staff.

We are back in Melbourne now unfortunately and , even though we spent just 6 hours with you there, we will never forget the trip to Banksia Puppies.  

As we drove away, Brittany and Jess said , “that was the best day of my life”…   Out of the mouth of babes!!.     It was exactly as I hoped and imagined.

We thank you so much for the tour and the wonderful relaxing afternoon on the lawn with the puppies.   Melissa had the best day and most memorable birthday ever.  Her friends were so jealous and are all confirmed for the next visit!!   The teens wanted to spend today with you again!!”  

Through the eyes of Taylee the Cavoodle

The Agility yard at Banksia Park Puppies

We thought everyone would like to see our agility yard and the fun our dogs have, through the eyes of our dogs! Here is a video for you all showing our Agility yard at Banksia Park Puppies through the eyes of Taylee the Cavoodle!

Banksia Park Puppies_Bree

Banksia Park Puppies Parents Pages

Banksia Park Puppies Parents


Have you wondered who the parents of your Banksia Park Puppy are, or what they look like?

At Banksia Park Puppies, we’ve started pages for each of our parents so that you can look at Mum and Dad and see similarities in looks and behaviour!

Simply fill out the form on our Parents contact us page, and we’ll email you the page of Mum and Dad with photos and if you’re lucky sometimes there is a video too!

Have a look at Carlo’s page for an example of one of our Parents pages.

Banksia Park Puppies Carlo

This is just another way we want to make sure all our Banksia Park Puppy families are thoroughly happy with their purchase from Banksia Park Puppies and Pines Puppies, and another reason we are a World Class Breeding Park.


Banksia Park Puppies Kev

Parents gallery!

Wow it’s hot out there today in the sun!

I had a good play with some of the mums and dads today. Here are some photos of those who I played with. The mums and dads were mostly happy having a pat in the shade so most aren’t bouncing and running and chasing with me like they usually are!

These mums and dads are Kev, Pipita, Blue, Sam, Ginger and Gidget. I tried to find Chilli for those who requested it… but I mistook Kev for Chilli! Chilli is Kev’s dad and they look very alike 🙂 I’ll try again soon for those who requested parents!

If you take your dogs out today in the sun make sure you remember to bring water, and that they will tire easily!

One of our celebrity puppies!

Meet Gypsy, she’s a Banksia Park Puppy and a recent celebrity!
She had a photoshoot with Fuzzyard, a producer of contemporary pet clothes and goods.

Doesn’t she just look adorable?!

Gypsy also features on instagram under @gypsythecavoode for anyone wanting to see cute cavoodle pictures!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeousness with us all Gypsy!

Note: There is no endorsement of affiliation between Banksia Park Puppies and Fuzzyard

15 year service awards for Banksia Park Puppies owners

It was a big day last Sunday at Banksia Park Puppies, both of the owners of Banksia Park Puppies, Colin and Matt, received 15 year service awards at a ceremony for the local CFA brigade. Giving back to the community is important to Banksia Park, and being a part of the CFA is a very important activity for us, especially living in the country in the bush like we do.

Both Matt and Colin have been actively involved in the CFA for the last 15 years, participating in many training days as well as actively fighting many fires every fire season. This is a great service to the community.

We take fire very seriously at Banksia Park Puppies, and urge all our followers to as well. Before the fire season starts this year, if you are in a high risk area, make sure you plan and prepare for it and know what you plan to do. Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world, and we need to remember this going into every fire season.

Congratulations to Matt and Colin, and a big thank you to all the CFA volunteers for everything they do for us and all our communities across Australia.

An email from Harley

At Banksia Park Puppies we love getting emails from our puppies with their families, and even more from an 18 month old puppy! Gorgeous email from Harley we received today to share with you all. Remember to check out all out other reviews and photos from our Banksia Park Puppies and their families!

Harley Banksia Park Puppy

“My name is Harley I was purchased by my mummy and daddy – Monique Daniel around 18 months ago.

I just wanted to to quickly send you a message [how good am I at typing with my paws] to tell you that I am getting well looked after and that my parents absolutely adore me. They love playing with me taking me to the river when it is hot and of course – they loveeeee giving me treats.

I’m sometimes a bit of a cheeky boy but I think because I am so cute they let me get away with it.

I especially love my morning cuddles as although I am really playful – I am super affectionate and love being cuddled by anyone.

I would love to send you a photo of me all grown up. Thanks again for looking after me as a pup and helping me find my mummy and daddy.

Love Harley”

Banksia Park Pines Pets Sophie

Sophie is growing up

Do you remember our post on Sophie the Pines Pets Mascot from Banksia Park Puppies? She is growing up quickly!

She recently got her hair done and now looks all cute and fluffy. She still has her puppy coat though which is adorable. Her most recent cute puppy habit is falling asleep on her toys after a big morning of running around the shop, showing off and being gorgeous.

Rosara Mami Banksia Park Puppies

Puppy Playground fun

We had a good play at Banksia Park Puppies with some of our younger dogs yesterday! They’re in the critical socialisation period and so we give them alot of attention. They were so cute jumping all over us! I think we managed to tire a few out too. Here are some happy snaps of two of them, Mami and Rosara.