Jett the Cavoodle is 6 months old!

She has had her first groom and boy did she need it!

Her shedding stopped after the groom at 6 months and so we only had 2 months of light shedding while she moved into her adult coat. The change of colour is super interesting to watch. Our Jett actually got a little darker which was interesting – lots of puppies go lighter so its interesting to watch. You can certainly tell when they need their first groom – you can see their adult hair under the puppy hair very clearly and the puppy hair starts matting and is hard to keep under control. So if you think your puppy needs a groom it probably does – trust your gut! If you are taking your puppy to the groomer from early on they will give you advice as well.

Jett is now able to follow orders super well. We continue to use Ian’s ‘Uh-uh’ method and it works super well! She is always in my office while I work and knows she has to stay in her bed now (although she gets FOMO and wants to go outside if there is anything happening out there!). She is well behaved now and a pleasure to take places and have inside or out. She follows commands super easy. 6 months things seem to get a little easier – although she still steals a sock every time she is inside! and shoes… she loves shoes. Having a well trained dog has made having Jett a pleasure. Ian’s training (which we now give away complimentary with all puppies) is amazing and helps you just tweak your training to get a dog who follows your commands and who you just adore being with (along with good breeding of course!).



Banksia Park Puppies Grooming

The one thing you need to know about Grooming

If you have a Banksia Park Oodle you’ll want to read this!

Did you bring your puppy home and a few weeks later wonder… how often should I be brushing my fluffball? What shampoo do I use? What about his toenails?! And the questions keep adding up and adding up and you are wondering who to ask for all the answers.


tails a go go groomingTo answer these questions, we’ve asked our recommended groomer. Her name is Kristy from Tails a Go Go Grooming and she has been working as a dog groomer since 1992 – that’s 24 years of experience!

Thank you Kristy for all of your help, we’re sure that this will help many of our customers! For anyone wishing to learn more you can check out her website Tails a Go Go Grooming, or her Facebook page.


A bit about Kristy

“Well I trained at the Australian school of dog breeding, and then also went on to study overseas at the New York School of Dog Grooming. During this time I also worked as a Vet nurse to keep the bills paid (who better to groom your dog!). I opened Tails a Go Go Grooming in 1994 and had a small break in the middle to have 3 gorgeous children, and then re-opened in 2010.”

When should I have my puppy groomed for the first time?

“Do it as soon as all your puppy’s immunisations are complete. I believe securing a good relationship early on between a puppy and groomer is just as important as socialising your new puppy. Having him or her groomed is a wonderful chance for Puppy to go and make new friends and learn to be away from you for a short period of time in a safe environment. Grooming is not only about getting a great little ‘Hairdo’ its also a time that they get a little health check; we always look at coat and skin condition, cleanliness of ears, and toenail length, if we can give advice on shampoos or give you hints on maintaining puppy from a grooming side, we are always happy to spend time and help give you ideas. Having been a vet nurse as well means that we are very used to looking over your puppy or dog and making sure he is happy and healthy right from the start.”

How often should I get my Oodle groomed?

Banksia Park Puppies Grooming

“I recommend that your Oodle should be groomed every 6-8 weeks. This keeps your furry family member neat and tidy, or scruffy (what ever you prefer); it gives us a chance to get onto any tangles and keep eyes, feet, and bottoms clean.”

What about brushing?

“Most Oodle coats could be brushed everyday, but as we are all busy and that’s not realistic, I say as long as you get every single knot out BEFORE bathing, that’s the bare minimum. If you can run a brush and comb through twice or three times a week would be great, If you are able to get puppy used to standing on a nonslip surface and that is where brushing always takes place, you’ll find it will end up a quick 10 minute job. Another advantage of regular brushing is you give your Fur baby a good look over, this way you avoid little nastys like grass seeds, scratches or fleas going unnoticed. I would recommend a good quality slicker brush and comb for your grooming.”

Do I need special shampoo when I bring home my new puppy?

“It is very important that your little puppy is bathed in a GOOD quality shampoo; their skin has a ph balance very different to a human. Using incorrect shampoos can lead to all sorts of issues ranging from skin disorders to eye problems.”

It’s my first groom, what do I need to know! Styles? Timeframe? What do you do?

Banksia Park Puppies Grooming

“When you come for your first groom – apart from discussing how cute and adorable your new family member is and having lots of cuddles – it’s important to discuss the coat length, if there are a lot of tangles, and what suits your family as far as brushing and maintenance. This will help us give you advice on what options you have with the type of coat your Oodle has. If you are looking for a particular style, we can also provide a few photos for you so you can get an idea of what styles are available.

In my experience a puppy’s first groom between 12-15 weeks is more a get to know each other as they are normally looking like a gorgeous fluffy puppy still with not too much to take off body length. When you come in, we ask you go have a coffee at the lovely cafes in Warrandyte while we bath, dry, clean ears, trim toe nails, trim little faces bottoms and feet. This is normally enough for your puppy to take in at this stage of their little life. We then can call you when he’s ready for a lift home; Its been a short sweet fun experience and the puppy will be ready for the next groom confident.”

What is the one thing to know about grooming?

“Always always brush all knots out of your puppy/dog before bathing. Little Oodles have wonderful coats, they do however tend to tangle and stay tangled if you add water to a matted coat. Most importantly make brushing an enjoyable experience, lots of treats and patience. If a puppy gets bored and bites during grooming, make sessions shorter and never end grooming on a negative note. If puppy is sitting and loving the brushing but you only have one leg done, give the little fella treats, praise, and cuddles then come back later for the other legs. Make sure grooming is a positive enjoyable experience.


How do I contact Kristy?

Kristy sees so many Banksia Park Puppies in her grooming salon and is always happy to see more. If you want to learn more have a look on the website Tails a Go Go Grooming, and the Facebook page or contact her through the below.



248 Yarra Street,
Warrandyte, Victoria
Australia 3113


+61 417 126 379