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Banksia Park Puppies – Cavies and Cavoodles

Fun with our Cavie and Cavoodle puppies

We had a good play with some of our puppies we’re keeping here at Banksia Park Puppies. One day they’ll be Banksia Park Dogs! Now they want lots and lots and lots of attention due to being in their critical socialisation period. This is where they do all their learning. So in this time we put loads of effort into training them, playing with them, patting them, and in general teaching them to be around people and kids. Here are some photos of these gorgeous puppies – Cuzzie, Muppet, Muffin, Harlow, Harsha, Harper, Poko and Harlee.

Banksia Park Puppies Cavoodle Socialisation

Feature Article: What do I need for my new puppy?

Welcome to Banksia Park Puppies first feature article! Our feature articles will be written around every 3 months. The first one has been written by Nick one of our puppy consultants and helps you uncover the basics, essentials, and ‘need to knows’ for your new puppy! Thanks Nick, and we look forward to your next feature article.


Banksia Park Pines Pets Sophie

Sophie is growing up

Do you remember our post on Sophie the Pines Pets Mascot from Banksia Park Puppies? She is growing up quickly!

She recently got her hair done and now looks all cute and fluffy. She still has her puppy coat though which is adorable. Her most recent cute puppy habit is falling asleep on her toys after a big morning of running around the shop, showing off and being gorgeous.

Paw-friendly life

Dog Fashion

Banksia Park Puppies

Has anyone else noticed the rise in dog related activities and products? Having a dog in today’s society doesn’t just mean that we have one in our backyard; having a dog now means that we take them to our favourite cafes for a cup of coffee and the good cafes even have menus for our paw friends.

We take them on our walks around town to do shopping, and even on winery tours (see Gourmet Paw Prints who specialise in exactly this)! They live inside, in apartments with courtyards, and now have car seats in between our children in the back seat.

The dogs in our life now have specially designed clothes (like the cute puppy in the photo!), dog bowls and toys individualised for them, doggie day care if their carers are at work during the day, and dog ‘resorts’ for when their carers go on holidays.

This all just shows how much our dogs now mean to us. They really become part of our lives. This is the predominant reason that we at Banksia Park Puppies and Pines Pets breed the dogs that we do. The dogs we breed are low allergenic, low shedding, are softly tempered, and still love exercise and absolutely adore their owners.

At Banksia Park Puppies we specialise in cross breeding; we do this so that the puppies who join your family will fit perfectly into your family life. For example, our Cavoodles are King Charles Cavalier (usually the mum), and a Miniature or Toy Poodle (usually the dad). This breed of dog fits perfectly into family life. They have extremely low shedding coats which is great for inside the house, or for children with allergies (thanks to the Poodle) and are beautifully tempered for inside the home and with children (thanks to the King Charles Cavalier). They will walk on a lead, sit at your cafe for a coffee or a paw-treat from the doggy menu, and play with your children outside chasing balls or toys.

Our Banksia Park Puppies are beautifully tempered, well socialised, and we have a group of full time staff looking after them at our property to make sure that when your puppy joins your family, he or she fits perfectly into your life.

Our website explains further the breeds that we specialise in or contact Pines Pets for help on choosing the right breed for your lifestyle.


Note: There is no affiliation or endorsement from Gourmet Paw Prints.

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