One of our celebrity puppies!

Meet Gypsy, she’s a Banksia Park Puppy and a recent celebrity!
She had a photoshoot with Fuzzyard, a producer of contemporary pet clothes and goods.

Doesn’t she just look adorable?!

Gypsy also features on instagram under @gypsythecavoode for anyone wanting to see cute cavoodle pictures!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeousness with us all Gypsy!

Note: There is no endorsement of affiliation between Banksia Park Puppies and Fuzzyard

Buster the spoodle all grown up

We had a visitor at Pines Puppies yesterday. He is one of our interstate spoodle puppies; we sent him up to Sydney in March and his owner is on holiday in Melbourne and brought him in to show us. He is just gorgeous, his parents are Scooter and Brutus. We thought we would show you all as he is just so cute!

Have a look at our reviews page or our customer photos page for to see more of our puppies with their happy families.

What is Banksia Park Puppies really like?

Have you read about Banksia Park Puppies on the Internet? Wondering if the animal extremist views are correct?

We allow Banksia Park Puppies potential customers – through Pines Pets in Melbourne – to tour our property and to see for yourself. At these tours you can see every part of our property, and can ask any questions you desire to ensure that we are the ethical breeder that we claim to be.