The luckiest kids visiting Banksia Park


We had such a great day at Banksia Park yesterday. We hosted a birthday party for our niece who turned one. This is the perfect opportunity to brighten the day of the kids, while also increasing the socialisation for our pups in their critical socialisation period!

Hay was placed on the lawn in a square and the pups played inside with the kids. The kids then spent time holding the pups while their parents helped to make sure the pups were comfortable and protected in the arms of the children. I don’t think there was a child at the party who could wipe the smile from their faces.

After the younger pups were spent and tired, they went back to their mums and siblings, and some of the older pups came out. They then had a run around with the big kids! The pups spent the afternoon chasing balls and running after the kids. It was a fantastic day and everyone really enjoyed it. You can see the looks on both the puppies and kids faces which shows how great a day they both had. The kids as well as the puppies slept well last night!

We have a unique opportunity here at Banksia Park, to socialise our puppies with our regular visitors and visits outside into the community (for an example see our post: Visit to the Aged Care Residents!). The people who visit always love it, and our puppies have a fantastic day with our visitors who just want to play, run, chase, and pat them.

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