Taylor Banksia Park Puppy Cavoodle

Taylee the Cavoodle is adorable!

This is one of our gorgeous Cavoodles from Banksia Park Puppies, Taylee. We featured her on our Facebook page a few weeks ago; she’s grown quickly! She came and played with us today and was so much fun to play with. She loved cuddles and also running after us. You can see from her face what a happy puppy she is!

Cavoodles are such great dogs, and are especially good for families. Our Banksia Park Puppies Cavoodles have low shedding, allergy friendly coats, and are affectionate, gentle and intelligent.

2 thoughts on “Taylee the Cavoodle is adorable!

  1. My cavoodle Neo is from Banksia Park and looks a lot like Taylee! Neo’s parents are Chilli and Ginger – would they happen to be Taylee’s parents too?


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