Do you place being family friendly above ‘cuteness’?

A survey of puppy buyers has found just that; that people want dogs which will be family friendly, low shedding and suited to their lifestyle, while ‘cuteness’ is of least importance to them.
Banksia Park Puppies is one of Australia’s largest dog breeders and has been breeding dogs for more than 50 years. Banksia Park is situated on a 220 acre property near Sale in Gippsland where the climate and local environment is ideally suited to dog breeding.

More than 1700 Banksia Park customers were surveyed over the past 18 months on their preferences when making a puppy purchase.
Highlights from the survey results included:

  • 90 per cent of people surveyed said their decision was primarily based on the puppy being family friendly, followed by low shedding and whether the dog would suit their lifestyle. ‘Cuteness’ was the lowest rated factor, and it did not feature at all in 37 per cent of responses.
  • 81 per cent of those surveyed knew exactly the type of dog they wanted prior to purchase, with only two per cent undecided;
  • 65 per cent of customers did their research online, with breeder websites the most popular information source;
  • 51 per cent of Banksia Park customers visited an animal shelter when looking for their puppy. However, they didn’t get a rescue dog due to the breed they wanted not being available or concerns about the temperament and suitability of the dogs available.

Matt Hams, the owner of Banksia Park Puppies, said the survey results highlighted the amount of thought and effort that many people put into making a puppy purchase.

‘People really care about the kind of the puppy they are getting and its background, including its health and temperament,’ Mr Hams said.

‘For families in particular, choosing the right type of puppy is essential to make sure it is suitable for their lifestyle and home environment.

‘We put a lot of care and attention into the health and socialisation of our puppies to help their transition into a family environment, for the benefit of the dog and its owners,’ Mr Hams said.

The survey also found puppy buyers placed a high priority on getting the type of dog they wanted, followed by a health guarantee. Purchasers also wanted to get their puppy from a reputable and experienced breeder, including those who were full-time breeders. For three-quarters of those surveyed, price was their lowest priority.

Mr Hams said the survey highlighted the important role of professional breeders in meeting the demand from customers for healthy, happy and well-socialised puppies that become much loved and valued members of Australian households.


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Kirstin Hams


Banksia Park – Where did your puppy come from?

Banksia Park Puppies – Where did your puppy come from?

Interested in where your puppy came from? If you want to know more about Banksia Park Puppies, this 10 minute documentary will tell you all there is to know. It shows the live in yards, the heated nurseries, the Veterinary care, choosing through Pines Puppies, and then all the way through to our re-homing.

Let us know what you think!

Banksia Park Puppies Tim Tam

At Banksia Park Puppies we’re passionate about this


Stop animal welfare going backwards in Victoria

There is an issue we are incredibly worried about at Banksia Park Puppies, and it appeared in the recent Saturday Age.

Labor has proposed a law which if brought in, will mean animal welfare will go dramatically backwards in Victoria. Professional, ethical, transparent breeders such as us at Banksia Park Puppies will be closed down, but there will be no-one to replace us.

The repercussions of this… where will the puppies come from? The need will be filled by blackmarket puppies; illegal breeders will see a dramatic price inflation and start breeding dogs in cramped, horrible conditions. Victoria is just starting to see all the illegal and substandard breeders close down from the change to make Victoria’s Code of Practice, World Class in it’s requirements.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is worried about this exact issue right now in America, “So here is where the crisis is – when there is a need, the void is usually filled. How do we want the void left by the lack of puppies to be filled? I know one thing we can all agree on, we sure do not want it filled by puppy mills and those who breed with no understanding of the importance of early socialization, proper nutrition and the like.”

Australia, and Victoria in particular, needs to set the world standard for how ethical breeding should be done. Victoria needs to use enforcement and World Class standards for Animal Welfare not prohibition.

At Banksia Park Puppies we urge you to contact the Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford (, and explain that their proposed law is not the solution. Ethical breeders with focus on animal welfare like us at Banksia Park Puppies, need to continue in order to ensure black markets and substandard animal welfare does not occur in Victoria.


Banksia Park Puppies

Our world class facilities at Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Puppies and our world class facilities

Over the weekend Labor was voted into power in Victoria. They have said that they intend to stop professional breeding, and reduce the amount of breeding females in domestic facilities to 10. This will shut us down, and as industry leaders, we know that it will not stop any illegal breeding, but will instead create puppy blackmarkets. It will be a step down in animal welfare for dogs. It will mean years on waiting lists for the public for whom our puppies are bred specifically for; families with children, people with allergies and those who want a dog of even and fantastic temperament. If this law comes into effect, dogs, puppies, and the everyday Victorian family will be the ones who lose.

Regardless of this change of leadership in Victoria, we want to continue to show the public our fantastic world class facilities, and show what dog breeding should be aiming for in Victoria. Labor should not be prohibiting dog breeding, but should be using enforcement to shut down illegal breeders, and bring every legal breeder up to our standard here at Banksia Park Puppies.

Even in light of this, and the issues we face, we continue to keep up our activities in our world class facilities. Here are some puppies we’ve played with over the weekend. They’re super cute (especially the puggle!).




Workplace Banksia Park Puppies

Do you have a dog friendly workplace?

At Banksia Park Puppies we are lucky to be able to have some of our Banksia Park dogs following us around all day, but not every workplace is the same. Do you hate leaving your dog at home to go to the office? Most of us go to work for 5 days a week, leaving early and returning late. In today’s society, employees are away from home to the point where some people are using doggy day care for their pooches while they’re at work. We’ve all heard about Google being the best place in the world to work for humans, but where is the best place to work for dog lovers? And why would a company let you bring your dog into work?

Why would an organisation offer this?

According to research done by Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant (source: The Economist) employees work more effectively and better in groups when there is a pooch in the office. When working in groups, those who had a dog in their team just playing on the floor reported higher levels of cohesion, like, and trust in their team members, than the teams without dogs. This leads to higher employee productivity and lower amounts of workplace stress.

In addition to this, owning a pet has been shown to decrease stress levels and improve mental health. It seems there are lots of reason to have your dog at work with you!

Which organisations?

Before you go quitting your job and heading online to search for dog friendly places, it seems there are still low numbers of workplaces willing to offer this. Mother Nature Network reports that America is way in front of Australia though, with the nearly one in five workplaces allowing pets in the workplace. Here are some of the businesses offering this.

Australia: Vet Shop Australia, Cotton On, Mars Petcare, Melbourne Theatre Company

Worldwide: Google, Amazon, Proctor and Gamble’s Pet Care division, Ben and Jerry’s

Can I just bring any dog in any day?

No, you need to have registered the dog with the company first, and in most cases have pet and liability insurance. The dog of course also needs to be within a pen or area, or on a leash. There are also usually basic guidelines for interacting with other staff and which areas of the business you need to keep puppy out of: bathrooms, cafes etc.


Do you bring your dog to work with you? Do you know of any more dog-friendly workplaces? Let us know!

Why Pines Puppies is not a ‘Pet Shop’

Have you been told not to buy puppies from pet shops? Do you wonder why? The reason is that some pet shops buy from backyard breeders or who have their dogs in inhumane conditions without access to affection, room to run around, and in conditions which do not meet their emotional or mental needs. You would be supporting some unethical breeders through buying your puppy through these outlets.

Pines Puppies is different – they ONLY sell Banksia Park Puppies.

Pines Puppies ONLY sells Banksia Park Puppies. They know that their puppies have come from an ethical breeder who meets the needs of their dogs in every way. Pines Puppies is not a ‘pet store’ but an outlet for Banksia Park Puppies.

Pines Puppies have full disclosure where their puppies came from.

If you go into a pet shop looking for a puppy, some people will not tell you where the puppies have come from, they may be scared of telling you who and where they came from. Pines Puppies have full confidence in telling you where they came from, as every single puppy came from us at Banksia Park Puppies.

Yes, you can visit Banksia Park Puppies!

Have you been told not to buy from a pet shop, as you need to see where mum and dad live? If you are worried about this and want to make sure that our extensive photo gallery tells the full story – have a look at our reviews from people who have been here, or come and visit and see for yourself! We offer tours through Pines Puppies for anyone who would like to see Banksia Park Puppies for themselves.

Why does Banksia Park Puppies sell through Pines Puppies?

This is a question we are often asked. If we breed all our dogs at Banksia Park Puppies, why would we sell them through a store? It is actually very simple. We want to make sure that you as customers get the best service and pick the right dog, and also that our dogs and puppies are looked after in every way here at Banksia Park.

At Banksia Park Puppies we put all of our effort into breeding the best possible puppies, ensuring everyone at Banksia Park has daily love and attention, and the mums have care taken of them at the critical stages. We also play with, pat, feed, groom and generally take care of all our mums and dads who don’t currently have puppies. This takes alot of time.

It is a big decision when someone is considering a puppy to join their family. The puppy will be in their lives for many years, and will become part of their family. This family will need help to ensure the puppy they pick is of the right nature to suit their lifestyle, and will perfectly suit them for their entire lifetime. This is the case whether this be a family in the suburbs, or a couple in an apartment.

We want you as customers to have the best possible service in picking the right puppy for your individual circumstances, and we also don’t want our puppies to miss out on any love or care from us. To ensure this happens, we sell through Pines Puppies in Doncaster (East Melbourne), who only sell Banksia Park Puppies. Pines Puppies have over 20 years of experience in joining families with their perfect dog. The location of Pines Puppies is best suited for most of our customers (rather than a 6 hour round trip to Banksia Park), and they are open 7 days to fit in with any lifestyle. We are extremely proud to be partners with this business; they have the highest possible customer service.

Dog in car

Need a puppy friendly car? Heres the top 7.

At Banksia Park Puppies we’ve just bought a new car and we did alot of research. We looked at the star ratings and the ANCAP ratings. We thought about where the airbags are positioned, and where you can fit the car seats. But which car would be best suited for those who love to take their dogs on outings? Before now there has been no help; rejoice dog owners as this is no longer true. Autotrader in the US has looked at the most desired features in a car that a dog owner would like, and has used this to narrow down the top 7 cars with these features.

The features that Autotrader states “make your vehicle choice a more pet-friendly one” are shown below. 

  • “A rear lift gate allows your dog to jump in and out of the car easily; it also makes for more convenient loading in/loading out of pet carriers, crates and kennels.
  • Fold-flat seats create a spacious area for your dog to sit while keeping the actual surface of the seats clean from hair or scratches.
  • An airy cabin is especially beneficial for large dogs to stretch out.
  • Rear cargo-attachment ringlets help keep carriers and crates from sliding around.
  • A containment barrier/divider keeps your dog from jumping up to the front seat while the car is in motion.
  • A low ride height helps dogs — especially older ones — get in and out with ease.
  • Rear climate control keeps your dog cool and comfortable in transit no matter what the weather is like.
  • A sunroof brings fresh air and sunlight so you can keep your dog from hanging its head out of the window.
  • Underfloor storage gets your things out of the way so your dog can ride more comfortably.”
Source: Autotrader

Considering these 9 features, the seven cars that Autotrader recommends are:

  1. Subaru Outback
  2. Nissan Juke
  3. Volkswagen Tiguan
  4. BMW X3
  5. Volvo V60
  6. Kia Soul
  7. Honda Odyssey