Banksia Park Puppies Sherman

Banksia Park Puppy parents!

Banksia Park Puppies parents

Fun at Banksia Park Puppies with some mums and dads!


  • Carlo, our Blenheim Cavie dad,
  • Bradey, our chocolate spoodle mum,
  • Sherman, our apricot poodle dad, and
  • Wooster, our cocker spaniel dad.
Banksia Park Puppies Playground

Banksia Park Puppy’s new exercise playground!

We gave you a quick view of our new exercise playground for our mums and dads on Facebook; I got out early today with some of our dogs (before the temperature hits 35 degrees!) and had a great run around with them! They are gorgeous and so much fun. Here is Walida, Taylee, Wanetta and Wanika.


Banksia Park Puppies MustBee

So much exercise today!

This morning we spent having a good play with the young dogs. In a previous post about our big dogs, I mentioned that we have common exercise areas for all of the dogs near their yards. This enables us to bring them out and give them a good run around which we do every day. We exercise them with their friend from their pen, or we bring out another few dogs for them to have a run around with someone new.

They run up and down the huge yard, stopping with me for a pat and a cuddle every now and then, and then off again running and chasing. We had a good run with quite a few this morning, so I thought I’d take some photos of them having a ball in this gorgeous weather!

You’ll notice some of our poodles look different at this time of year too – they get groomed about now, and always look a little funny! Anyone with a ‘oodle’ dog will know what we mean! We always keep their coats to a high standard as you can tell from our photos.

We hope you had a great day out with your dogs today too!