Birthday Celebration!

4 Generations at Banksia Park…

Today Mary Hams – one of the founders of Banksia Park Puppies at Stradbroke – will celebrate her 90th Birthday! Just looking at her and her immaculate house and garden you would never guess she was a day over 60! Still fit and agile, she loves to get out and about to tend to her plants and chooks, with her dog Roxy close by and her rescued sheep Rambo wanting yet another feed. Our team members love to stop and have a chat with Mary as they walk the dogs past her house. Scrabble with her friends every week keeps her mind sharp and she’s never short of a witty comment or wise advice! She is still determined to do her own shopping and won’t even let you push the trolley, but this tenacity is what helped to start off Banksia Park Puppies at its current Stradbroke location nearly 30 years ago!

Mary’s son Colin had been breeding dogs for the pet industry for over a decade before that and his wife’s dad Alan had been breeding working dogs and then companion dogs since the 1950’s. Colin later moved the family’s dog breeding business to Stradbroke, Victoria in the early 1990’s. The environment is more favourable here in Stradbroke, with even temperatures, lower rainfall compared to other parts of Gippsland and sandy soils, which is ideal for good drainage to reduce the chance of potential waterborne diseases.

When Banksia Park was in its early stages Mary lived on the property by herself taking care of the puppies and parent dogs at night and on the weekend when her son Colin was travelling to and from Trafalgar. Over the years the successful family business has grown and now 4 generations of Hams’ reside at Banksia Park!

Mary has long retired from the business but is always influential with her moral support, level-head and witty advice. Colin is still actively involved as one of the Managing Directors and his supportive wife Kay is well known in the local area as a most loved Primary School teacher, and for her volunteer and charity work which the family is extremely proud of. The reigns have now been passed onto their son Matt who has grown up with puppy breeding in his blood, and along with his wife Kirstin are the Managing and Operational Directors and the face of the brand; you most likely have seen them on the news or heard them on the radio. They live here with their two children, Bella and Diesel who have grown up on the property and enjoy inviting friends and family over to play with the puppies.

On the weekend the family went above and beyond to pay respects to Mary with a spectacular birthday celebration fit for a Queen! A beautiful horse drawn carriage, lead by a bagpiper escorted Mary through the pines, across the road and through Banksia Park, stopping at Mary’s house. Over 70 guests enjoyed the afternoon with a traditional style high-tea and uncanny nice winter weather!

Happy Birthday Mary, may we celebrate many more!!


Our Lifetime Puppy Home Guarantee

Your puppy will ALWAYS be a Banksia Park Puppy

Your puppy – no matter how old – will always be a Banksia Park Puppy. He or she will hold a special place in our hearts for it’s entire life. We know it’s parents, we watched it be born, and we raised it and we watched it grow. We will forever hold it in our hearts as a Banksia Park Puppy.

We know you have waited for your puppy, researched him or her, and invested significantly to have him or her join your family. Even though we know that you are dedicated to your puppy right now, you have more than 10 years ahead of you with your puppy.

Sometimes circumstances change. Sometimes there is a death, a divorce, a move, or countless other things which could impact your ability to take care of this puppy.

Rehoming a Banksia Park Puppy

Whatever the reason, whatever the age, if you cannot take care of this puppy and you want to find a new home for him or her, we want you to contact us. 

Every single puppy is a Banksia Park Puppy for life. 

We have a very successful rehoming program, where new families of our dogs are vetted to ensure that they are dedicated and suited to a rehomed member of Banksia Park Puppies. Because you have a Banksia Park Puppy, you can use this rehoming list and our other resources to re-home your dog at any stage of it’s life. If this doesnt suit you or your timeframe, we will organise for your puppy to come to us and we will look after it until such time when it finds a new home. We will always help and we would hate to think of you not contacting us first, so please remember to tell us if you ever need our help.

We hope you have a very long and happy life with this puppy, but if your circumstances change please remember – if you need help contact us first. 

Banksia Park Puppies Sherman

Banksia Park Puppy parents!

Banksia Park Puppies parents

Fun at Banksia Park Puppies with some mums and dads!


  • Carlo, our Blenheim Cavie dad,
  • Bradey, our chocolate spoodle mum,
  • Sherman, our apricot poodle dad, and
  • Wooster, our cocker spaniel dad.
Banksia Park Puppies Chasing time!

Have you seen our Banksia Park big dogs?

Wow I’ve had some fun today. You need energy to play with our big dogs; I would like to introduce you to Penny (our Groodle), Elanora and Lorna (our Labs) and Opee (our Retriever). Some of the breeds which have bigger mums or dads that Banksia Park Puppies specialises in are Cavadors and Mini-Groodles (our website shows you more of the breeds we specialise in i.e. Cavoodles, Spoodles).

I went up for a play with them and thought I’d show you all these gorgeous mums and dads in our big yards. These yards are built especially for our big dogs, and are very large so these dogs with energy have heaps of room to run around. They also have a friend in their yard so that they have someone to chase and dig (and swim!) with.

As well as having huge live in yards, all of our yards are also built with a common exercise area for them to run in either close by or right next to their yard. You’ll see in our gallery the huge exercise area that these dogs have – its hard to see as it includes so much bush for them to run through and explore!

They have big blue water ‘bowls’ that stand out in the photos. These are huge, and are cleaned and re-filled with water every day. Why are they so big? First of all these dogs are big! They may tip over a small bowl or try to jump in it, and we want to make sure that they always have a big supply there especially over the warmer months. Secondly, they love to jump in it! You can see from the gallery that these dogs just adore jumping into the water (hence how I got so muddy as then they jump all over me!). These water bowls are probably different to the ones that you have in your backyards, but they are just perfect for our big dogs.

The exercise areas are pointed out in the captions. The rest of these photos are what our big dogs live in. They are not confined to small areas, they have big yards to run and dig and chase.

We show you all of the areas that our dogs live in, our birthing nurseries are purpose built for their specific need, the same way that our live in areas are purpose built for the dogs; these big yards for these big dogs!


Workplace Banksia Park Puppies

Do you have a dog friendly workplace?

At Banksia Park Puppies we are lucky to be able to have some of our Banksia Park dogs following us around all day, but not every workplace is the same. Do you hate leaving your dog at home to go to the office? Most of us go to work for 5 days a week, leaving early and returning late. In today’s society, employees are away from home to the point where some people are using doggy day care for their pooches while they’re at work. We’ve all heard about Google being the best place in the world to work for humans, but where is the best place to work for dog lovers? And why would a company let you bring your dog into work?

Why would an organisation offer this?

According to research done by Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant (source: The Economist) employees work more effectively and better in groups when there is a pooch in the office. When working in groups, those who had a dog in their team just playing on the floor reported higher levels of cohesion, like, and trust in their team members, than the teams without dogs. This leads to higher employee productivity and lower amounts of workplace stress.

In addition to this, owning a pet has been shown to decrease stress levels and improve mental health. It seems there are lots of reason to have your dog at work with you!

Which organisations?

Before you go quitting your job and heading online to search for dog friendly places, it seems there are still low numbers of workplaces willing to offer this. Mother Nature Network reports that America is way in front of Australia though, with the nearly one in five workplaces allowing pets in the workplace. Here are some of the businesses offering this.

Australia: Vet Shop Australia, Cotton On, Mars Petcare, Melbourne Theatre Company

Worldwide: Google, Amazon, Proctor and Gamble’s Pet Care division, Ben and Jerry’s

Can I just bring any dog in any day?

No, you need to have registered the dog with the company first, and in most cases have pet and liability insurance. The dog of course also needs to be within a pen or area, or on a leash. There are also usually basic guidelines for interacting with other staff and which areas of the business you need to keep puppy out of: bathrooms, cafes etc.


Do you bring your dog to work with you? Do you know of any more dog-friendly workplaces? Let us know!

Holiday Dog Banksia Park Puppies

Heading away over the holidays?

At Banksia Park Puppies (Victoria) the school holidays are here! Some parents are rejoicing and others are cringing thinking it will be a long few weeks and how to entertain their kids.

If you are heading away though you may be wondering what to do with your darling puppy if you cant take him or her with you. There are a few options now apart from ‘asking the neighbours’ or sending them to a boarding kennel. Here are a few options to help you.

Have a great time on your holidays!

Doggy Day Care

Are you going away for a day trip and don’t want your new puppy to be left on its own? Are you going to be away for a long time or working long hours and worry that your puppy isn’t getting the daily stimulation he needs? Doggy day care may be right for you. These organisations look after your puppy during the day for you and you can drop off and pick up morning and night. This often suits owners who love having a dog but cant be at home to feed it 3 meals a day to begin with while they are puppies, or who travel and work long hours and can’t play with their puppy during the day. This means you wont feel guilty about your long hours or how you will get back to look after new puppy; you have someone to help you do it.

Prices range – $42 a day (Melbourne Pet Minders), $55 a day (Dog Zone).

A Home Away from Home

This option gives owners the opportunity for their puppy to go and live in another home while they are away. These companies screen the people who will look after your puppy, and your puppy gets the friendly atmosphere, attention and love that they did at home. This means you and your puppy may feel less stress and you can enjoy your time away on holidays without the worry of how your puppy is doing at home without you there.

This option can be in the range of $40-$60 a night for a professional company depending on the time of year (for example ‘Don’t Fret Pet‘, or you can go through a community page such as ‘Pet Home Stay’ where the pricing depends on the sitter.

Pet and House sitters

Your other option is to hire a Pet and House sitter. These people look after your house as well as your pet/s. They may take your puppy on walks, water your gardens and generally treat your house as if it were theirs and your animals as if they are their own. This gives peace of mind for those owners whose dogs like their own environment, and means that their house is more secure while the owners are away. This option is becoming more and more popular these days, and often means that the house and pet sitters can travel Australia seeing different towns and cities within the comfort of a house.

There are many community sites which offer these services, some of these include ‘Trusted House Sitters‘ and ‘Happy House Sitters‘. Prices range depending on the sitters, some don’t require payment, and others charge fees depending on the size of the house, property, and amount of animals or chores.


NOTE: There is no affiliation or endorsement from any company featured in this post.

Have you ever seen a dog do this?

At Banksia Park Puppies we were stunned at this Pomeranian named Jiff who is the fastest dog on two feet!

According to the Guiness World Records website, Jiff now has “two new world records: the Fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) andFastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds)”.

Watch this clip: he’s amazing, what a party trick! He has quickly become an internet sensation, a cute dog who looks adorable running on his hind legs and his front paws.

Do you know any other dogs who can walk like this?!


Video source: Guiness World Records


Dogs – the Koalas best friend

Koala in tree

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but now they’re also koalas best friend!

Have a look at the story on the above website. It’s amazing what dogs can do. These labradors are being trained to help find koalas in the wild! This is being used ongoing where property development may take place, or in the country where fire prevention tactics such as burn offs may be done.

These dogs are helping to save the lives of koalas – another great thing that dogs do for our community.

Image source:

Note: there is no affiliation or endorsement with either AEFI or image source.