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Banksia Park Puppies Parents


Have you wondered who the parents of your Banksia Park Puppy are, or what they look like?

At Banksia Park Puppies, we’ve started pages for each of our parents so that you can look at Mum and Dad and see similarities in looks and behaviour!

Simply fill out the form on our Parents contact us page, and we’ll email you the page of Mum and Dad with photos and if you’re lucky sometimes there is a video too!

Have a look at Carlo’s page for an example of one of our Parents pages.

Banksia Park Puppies Carlo

This is just another way we want to make sure all our Banksia Park Puppy families are thoroughly happy with their purchase from Banksia Park Puppies and Pines Puppies, and another reason we are a World Class Breeding Park.


One of our celebrity puppies!

Meet Gypsy, she’s a Banksia Park Puppy and a recent celebrity!
She had a photoshoot with Fuzzyard, a producer of contemporary pet clothes and goods.

Doesn’t she just look adorable?!

Gypsy also features on instagram under @gypsythecavoode for anyone wanting to see cute cavoodle pictures!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeousness with us all Gypsy!

Note: There is no endorsement of affiliation between Banksia Park Puppies and Fuzzyard

15 year service awards for Banksia Park Puppies owners

It was a big day last Sunday at Banksia Park Puppies, both of the owners of Banksia Park Puppies, Colin and Matt, received 15 year service awards at a ceremony for the local CFA brigade. Giving back to the community is important to Banksia Park, and being a part of the CFA is a very important activity for us, especially living in the country in the bush like we do.

Both Matt and Colin have been actively involved in the CFA for the last 15 years, participating in many training days as well as actively fighting many fires every fire season. This is a great service to the community.

We take fire very seriously at Banksia Park Puppies, and urge all our followers to as well. Before the fire season starts this year, if you are in a high risk area, make sure you plan and prepare for it and know what you plan to do. Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world, and we need to remember this going into every fire season.

Congratulations to Matt and Colin, and a big thank you to all the CFA volunteers for everything they do for us and all our communities across Australia.

Taylor Banksia Park Puppy Cavoodle

Taylee the Cavoodle is adorable!

This is one of our gorgeous Cavoodles from Banksia Park Puppies, Taylee. We featured her on our Facebook page a few weeks ago; she’s grown quickly! She came and played with us today and was so much fun to play with. She loved cuddles and also running after us. You can see from her face what a happy puppy she is!

Cavoodles are such great dogs, and are especially good for families. Our Banksia Park Puppies Cavoodles have low shedding, allergy friendly coats, and are affectionate, gentle and intelligent.

Have you ever seen a dog do this?

At Banksia Park Puppies we were stunned at this Pomeranian named Jiff who is the fastest dog on two feet!

According to the Guiness World Records website, Jiff now has “two new world records: the Fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) andFastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds)”.

Watch this clip: he’s amazing, what a party trick! He has quickly become an internet sensation, a cute dog who looks adorable running on his hind legs and his front paws.

Do you know any other dogs who can walk like this?!


Video source: Guiness World Records


The luckiest kids visiting Banksia Park


We had such a great day at Banksia Park yesterday. We hosted a birthday party for our niece who turned one. This is the perfect opportunity to brighten the day of the kids, while also increasing the socialisation for our pups in their critical socialisation period! (more…)

Dogs – the Koalas best friend

Koala in tree

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but now they’re also koalas best friend!

Have a look at the story on the above website. It’s amazing what dogs can do. These labradors are being trained to help find koalas in the wild! This is being used ongoing where property development may take place, or in the country where fire prevention tactics such as burn offs may be done.

These dogs are helping to save the lives of koalas – another great thing that dogs do for our community.

Image source:

Note: there is no affiliation or endorsement with either AEFI or image source.