Milo the feature puppy

Feature Banksia Park Puppy!

We love to follow our Banksia Park Puppies on Instagram and watch them grow and experience many happy memories and adventures with their families!

Their individual Instagram accounts showcase their own unique personalities and fun lifestyles which can be humorous and adorable to see! In order to get to know them even better we have recently introduced a weekly @banksiaparkpuppies Feature Insta-Pup post!
The post consists of a set of fun questions which our chosen Banksia Park Puppy answers and we include a cute photo of them as well!  This also enables our @banksiaparkpuppies followers to see what our breed types and puppies look like when they have grownup!
The following post was from our fellow groodle, Milo @thegroovygroodle who has personality-plus! He was so ecstatic when he found out he was chosen for the @banksiaparkpuppies Feature Insta-Post that he was so zealous with his answers and even anticipated celebrity status!!
  1. How old are you Milo (birthdate)?

I am two now! I was born on 16th June 2015! I am such a big boy now.

  1. What do you love most about being a puppy?

 Everything! Everyone says how cute I am and they want to pat me and play with me. I love that I am allowed to do anything, and l mean, anything! I love that i am given all the freedom in the world to just be happy. I know a few tricks but my humans realised early on that i was only going to do things on my terms, and they love my spirit and bounciness, so they don’t make me do anything unless it is in my best interest, to keep me safe. So i am a good boy always, because i appreciate this.

  1. What is your favourite toy/doggy accessory?

There’s this fur friend that my humans got me from this place they won’t let me come to with them, called Ikea. He’s a dog too, by the looks of it. I call him Grrr, but my humans call him Rolf. He doesn’t do anything at all. He’s so lazy. Even so, I play with him allllll the time.  And anything that squeaks. I LOVE things that squeak. I love squeaking them. I LOVE fetching them. I am addicted to them…my humans are so used to me squeaking away that they tune out to the noise now, and let me just play away, even when they’re watching the moving pictures on that black box on the table.

  1. What is your favourite meal/snack?

Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. And my love of the chook got worse when a chicken butcher (of all things) moved into the warehouse right next to our workplace (yes, I go to work every day with my humans too). Now, the biggest thing that irks my humans is that i never come straight inside when we get to takes a good 5mins of chasing me around and calling out to me to get inside. I am just too busy scouring for leftover chicken bits over next door!

  1. Who is your fur mum/dad?

 My fur Dad is Ollie and my fur Mum is Luna. I probably kept them very busy after i was born, it’s safe to assume. I have been a handful from day one, my humans say.

  1. Who is your human family?

 My Daddy is Dee. He’s so cool. He is the strict one, but i still have him wrapped around my little paw. My Mummy is a sucker. Her name is Pep. I can do anything and she thinks it the best thing in the world. She’s possibly the reason I am a little bit of a narcissist. 

  1. What is your least favourite thing about being a puppy?

The hugs and kisses! My gosh….I get way too much affection. If you can die from love, it’s gonna happen to me. I am constantly being hugged and kissed. I always have pink marks on my head from Mummy’s lip gloss. People think i’m a girl because of this. Great. Not. I try to keep my distance when I see someone bend down for a pat, as i’m not the affectionate type, but they don’t care…They’ll just grab and hug me anyway.

  1. Who is your best friend?

My humans, for sure. I have another fur bestie, Lenny (@lillennylove)….he’s cool as. And then there’s a cute little number from the park, Mint. She’s a little bit pawfect. I’m currently waiting for Havanas digits though….she’s living with you guys at Banksia Park, and I gave her that awesome name. You’re welcome. 

Banksia Park Puppies Oopsy's pups

Oopsy’s Groodles

Banksia Park Puppies Groodles

We had Oopsy’s 6 week old Groodle puppies down for a play in our front yard today. Can you believe she had 11 Groodles… ELEVEN!

She has been a fantastic mum. With that many puppies we have to carefully monitor her. So for the first few hours we actually separate the puppies into two groups so that we can make sure that they all have enough room to feed properly, and mum adjusts well to having so many puppies feeding from her. If we had all eleven puppies on poor Oopsy at once it would be really hard to make sure that they all were feeding and growing well. So around the clock we separate them and swap them over, during the day and during the night. In winter this also means keeping the puppies warm when they aren’t all snuggled up next to mum. So having eleven puppies in one litter is alot of work for us as well as Oopsy! She has done such a fantastic job though and was super happy to have them by her side when she had a run in our yard today.

Here are some photos of her with her very big and lovely litter!

And some more photos of the fun we had with her and her eleven groodle puppies.

Banksia Park Puppies Chasing time!

Have you seen our Banksia Park big dogs?

Wow I’ve had some fun today. You need energy to play with our big dogs; I would like to introduce you to Penny (our Groodle), Elanora and Lorna (our Labs) and Opee (our Retriever). Some of the breeds which have bigger mums or dads that Banksia Park Puppies specialises in are Cavadors and Mini-Groodles (our website shows you more of the breeds we specialise in i.e. Cavoodles, Spoodles).

I went up for a play with them and thought I’d show you all these gorgeous mums and dads in our big yards. These yards are built especially for our big dogs, and are very large so these dogs with energy have heaps of room to run around. They also have a friend in their yard so that they have someone to chase and dig (and swim!) with.

As well as having huge live in yards, all of our yards are also built with a common exercise area for them to run in either close by or right next to their yard. You’ll see in our gallery the huge exercise area that these dogs have – its hard to see as it includes so much bush for them to run through and explore!

They have big blue water ‘bowls’ that stand out in the photos. These are huge, and are cleaned and re-filled with water every day. Why are they so big? First of all these dogs are big! They may tip over a small bowl or try to jump in it, and we want to make sure that they always have a big supply there especially over the warmer months. Secondly, they love to jump in it! You can see from the gallery that these dogs just adore jumping into the water (hence how I got so muddy as then they jump all over me!). These water bowls are probably different to the ones that you have in your backyards, but they are just perfect for our big dogs.

The exercise areas are pointed out in the captions. The rest of these photos are what our big dogs live in. They are not confined to small areas, they have big yards to run and dig and chase.

We show you all of the areas that our dogs live in, our birthing nurseries are purpose built for their specific need, the same way that our live in areas are purpose built for the dogs; these big yards for these big dogs!